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Frog Fountain

  • Aquascape Double Frog w/Cattail Spitter

    * Elevate the Look of Your Water Feature * Heat and UV Resistant Easy to Install * High−Quality Frog Fountain Spitter Aquascape poly-resin decorative water features combine beauty detail and intricate design of more expensive traditional decorative pieces. Decorative water features are often…
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  • Aquascape Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter


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    …Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter is molded out of a sturdy poly-resin material that easily fits into most budgets. Attach the included 1/2 tubing to the back and the lazy frog will spit water out of his mouth when connected to a fountain or spitter pump (sold separately). The Lazy Frog on Lily…
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  • Aquascape Frog on Reed Spitter

    …Brass * Frog Spitter Excellent Addition to Water Features Aquascape Frog on Reed Spitter is an excellent addition to any water feature. This pond spitter will add a pleasant sound as the water stream hits the surface of your pond when the included 1/2 tubing is installed with a small fountain pump…
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  • …a popular addition to backyards everywhere. Perhaps you noticed a neighbor's pond during an evening walk helped a friend install a disappearing fountain or saw them on your favorite DIY show. Water gardens and decorative features bring many benefits to your outdoor living space. Here are just a few…
    …alongside your pond swaying in the cool breeze. Picture yourself enjoying a cool glass of lemonade while sitting on your dock and watching your fountain cast rainbows against a blue sky. There is a reason why folks vacation at their favorite lake house! You could have one of your own in your back…
    …one moving around the shallow areas. These animals can also curb weed growth and balance fish populations in the pond. However if you have a nice fountain display that is getting damaged from muskrats chewing on the power cords or feel the turtles mistaking your toes for a nice snack it may be time…
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