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Garden Aeration Kit

  • The Pond Guy Pond Aerator


    (163 Reviews)

    Aerator is the ideal choice for aerating water gardens and koi ponds between 1000 and 6000 gallons. With the energy efficient diaphragm compressor paired with a low-maintenance non-stick PTFE Membrane diffuser stick your pond will receive the benefits of aeration. Choose between two aeration kit
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    $169.99 - 307.98
  • CrystalClear KoiAir Water Garden Aeration Kit


    (55 Reviews)

    …* Aerate Ponds up to 16000 Gallons * Energy Efficient Design for 24−7 Use * Optional Rock Cover in 2 Colors CrystalClear KoiAir Aeration Kits are the ideal choice for aerating medium and large water gardens and koi ponds. A powerful yet energy efficient dual diaphragm SilentAir Aeration Pump…
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    $279.99 - 559.98
  • …the job since many contain additives like chloride which is not fish or plant friendly. Aeration Kit Winter is one many times where aeration kits are a valuable asset for anyone with a water garden. Aeration kits infuse oxygen by releasing tiny air bubbles from air stones or diffuser sticks which…
  • CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits


    (212 Reviews)

    …water gardens up to 2000 gallons. Powered by highly efficient diaphragm compressors CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits infuse your pond with valuable oxygen while remaining whisper-quiet and cost effective. An airflow control valve on the top of the pond aerator lets you adjust the aeration output…
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    $54.99 - 129.98
  • …The KoiAir Aeration Kits are available with 1 or 2 diffuser plates and have 2 diffuser sticks per plate. Similar to The Pond Guy Pond Aerator these units include weighted airline and the compressor can be covered by the TrueRock Small Boulder Cover. * Something bigger? For water gardens over 16000…
    …Guy Pond Aerator works from the bottom up circulating the water and infusing oxygen into the pond. If you do not already have an aeration system here are six great reasons why you should consider adding aeration into your pond. * Limitations of Water Features – Most water gardens rely solely…
    …filtration system. What are my options? * Aeration – Fish need oxygen but a waterfall or fountain may not be enough to keep your pond healthy. Using an aeration kit will infuse oxygen into the pond and are less costly to operate than pumps. Aeration will also help to make the beneficial…
    …etc.) and eat away excess nutrients. Aeration – Promotes pond and fish health. Waterfalls and fountain sprays alone cannot produce enough oxygen but aeration kits like the The Pond Guy Pond Aerator or PondAir will do the trick. Subsurface aeration works from the bottom up circulating water…
  • Rubber Coupler With Clamps

    Replacement rubber coupler and two spring or squeeze clamps for the following water garden aeration kits: The Pond Guy Pond Aerators and CrystalClear KoiAir Aeration Kits.
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    $2.99 - 3.99
  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 6' x 8'

    …a Stunning Water Garden in Your Backyard * 6'L x 8'W Medium Koi Pond Kit with Waterfall * Includes Water Fountain Pump & Surface Skimmer Update your outdoor landscape with a breathtaking ecosystem pond that can be created with all-in-one DIY koi pond kits. Aquascape pond kits work with your existing…
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  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 8' x 11'


    (1 Reviews)

    * Includes DIY Welcome Start Kit for Easy Installation * Complete Biological & Mechanical Filtration System * 1300 Gallon Backyard Pond Kit with Waterfall Aquascape assembled the perfect combination of pond supplies and pond liner to create a stunning water garden that holds approximately 1300…
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  • Aquascape Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/AquaSurge Pro Pump


    (1 Reviews)

    …Photocell Splitter & Extension Cable are Included Aquascape LED Lighting Package includes every you need to customize your water garden nighttime experience. Kit includes 2 adjustable spotlights 1 waterfall up light 60-Watt transformer with photocell 3-way quick-connect splitter and 25 feet…
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