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  • The Pond Guy Staple Fish Food


    (73 Reviews)

    …and amino acids. Perfect for all pond fish. The Pond Guy Staple Fish Food floats on the water's surface and quickly softens for easy digestion. This easily digestible pond fish food promotes good water quality and optimal fish health. Pellets last up to 5 years and are approximately 3.0 mm in size.
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    $7.99 - 79.99
  • The Pond Guy ClearSkim Matala Pad


    (1 Reviews)

    The Pond Guy ClearSkim Matala Pad is a replacement filter pad designed to fit the ClearSkim 7” Skimmer Box. The semi-open weave matala pad allows good water flow while filtering out debris. The single pad measures 12.7 x 16.
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  • The Pond Guy Barley Straw Bale


    (25 Reviews)

    …Guy Barley Straw Bale will begin releasing safe oxygenators to clear pond water for up to 6 months! Barley Straw bales for ponds are most effective in shallow water with sunlight and good water circulation. Safe for fish plants pets and pond wildlife. A ½ pound bale treats up to 500 gallons.
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    $13.99 - 24.99
  • …deposit and remove from your filter thanks to a mesh filter bag. Good filtration starts with good media. When starting your pond in the spring and periodically through the season make sure to check all types of filters are in good working order. Doing so will save you time hassle and money because…
  • The Pond Guy PondShelter Cover Net 11' x 16'


    (76 Reviews)

    …base of the PondShelter the pond protection mesh netting can be pulled tightly along the perimeter of your pond and staked securely in place. What good is pond protection netting if it won't stay in place? Keep the PondShelter exactly where you want it with 30 stakes. No ground to stake into? No…
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  • …oxygen-deprived water from the bottom depths all the way to the pond's surface. This circulation drives oxygen to the bottom of the pond allowing good bacteria to digest muck reducing nutrients and increasing the overall dissolved oxygen in the pond. Spring-Fed or Under Aerated A spring-fed pond is…
    …really add up. When Good Bacteria goes Bad Plants and fish will generally be safe if too much beneficial bacteria is added. Trouble occurs when there is a lot of organic buildups numerous beneficial bacteria and inadequate aeration. Like fish and other aquatic organisms good bacteria need oxygen.…
    …don't worry: The ones living in your pond - likely a type of green aquatic frog or bullfrog - can handle some cold or frozen conditions. Frogs are so good at the cold life in fact that portions of their bodies will partially freeze. Ice crystals form in places like the body cavity bladder and under…
    …growth in the areas that are not getting enough oxygen. Sizing your Fountain For ponds less than 6' deep and uniformly shaped a fountain will be a good option for aerating the pond. Now we need to consider the spray pattern and horsepower. * Spray Pattern – The most effective shape for pond…
    …times their coloring lightens from environmental causes like stress and disease. Your pond fish likely looked darker in the spring or fall - for good reason! The cooler water holds more oxygen which your fish need to thrive and look their best. In warmer water oxygen levels tend to drop off. The…
    …ecosystem in a pond is the perfect environment for plants and fish to thrive. Creating and maintaining this ecosystem is easy once you have a good understanding of the basics. In this article we will discuss the nitrogen cycle and why it is important to all aquatic life in a pond. Nitrogen…
    …commonly added to koi ponds to support fish health. In low doses pond salt has many health benefits for your fish but it can also do more harm than good in high doses. In this guide we'll cover everything you need to know about using pond salt in your koi pond.* Pond Salt Benefits* The Right Type of…
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