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Granular Applicator

  • Earthway Granular Hand Spreader


    (14 Reviews)

    …The Earthway Granular Hand Spreader is corrosive resistant and easily handles granular herbicides and algaecide. The large material hopper holds ample but manageable loads of granular product. The Earthway Granular Hand Spreader has a smooth action crank handle and the application adjuster lets…
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  • Applied Biochemists Cutrine Plus Granular Algae Control


    (42 Reviews)

    …For best results apply this granular algae treatment early in the morning before heavy mats form on a sunny calm day. Contact time should be a minimum of 3 hours. Unless steps are taken to reduce the overall nutrients in your pond multiple Cutrine Plus applications may be needed for seasonal…
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    $49.99 - 99.99
  • Navigate Granular Aquatic Herbicide


    (11 Reviews)

    * Easy−To−Use Granular Formula * Great For Floating & Submerged * Control Weeds Surrounding Docks & Shorelines This simple to use Navigate granular aquatic herbicide is perfect for spot treating weeds around docks beach areas and shorelines. Navigate herbicide kills the roots of…
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    $249.99 - 289.99
  • GreenClean Granular Algaecide


    (19 Reviews)

    …blooms releasing oxygen into the water body as it biodegrades. GreenClean Granular Algaecide also quickly eliminates algae on a wide variety of surfaces such as water fountains statues and walkways. GreenClean algae treatments come ready to use and begin working within 60 seconds of application.
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    $26.99 - 59.99
  • …surface and spray evenly. * Granular applications are generally used in ponds lakefronts or canals and target weeds in deeper water beds or thick mats. Apply evenly and directly onto the target plant using a hand spread and boat if necessary. Chemical Application Best Practices Anytime you use…
  • CrystalClear AlgaeOff String Algae Remover


    (151 Reviews)

    …on rocks streams and waterfalls. AlgaeOff is an EPA registered granular algae remover that works in seconds at any water temperature! In addition to string algae control AlgaeOff adds oxygen to your pond and removes odors. Application of AlgaeOff is easy. Identify where the string algae infestation…
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    $18.99 - 99.99
  • …fish and other aquatic life. Granular Spreader For granular herbicides and algaecides the Granular Hand Spreader will evenly broadcast the treatment over the target area. The spreader is rustproof and holds 5 pounds of product. Using the crank handle and application adjuster to achieve the correct…
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