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  • Earthway® Granular Hand Spreader


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    …Hand Spreader * This Granular Spreader Holds Up To 5 Pounds Of Product The Earthway® Granular Hand Spreader is corrosive resistant and easily handles granular herbicides and algaecide. The large material hopper holds ample but manageable loads of granular product. The Earthway® Granular Hand…
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  • …itself to get the chemical to the deeper portion of the problem. * Use Granular Algaecides. For bottom-growing algae use a granular algaecide like Cutrine®-Plus and Hydrothol® and distribute it with a granular spreader. It is the preferred choice because the granules will sink over the algae…
    …into the pond that can potentially harm your fish and other aquatic life. Granular Spreader For granular herbicides and algaecides the Granular Hand Spreader will evenly broadcast the treatment over the target area. The spreader is rustproof and holds 5 pounds of product. Using the crank handle and…