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  • Sedge

    * Blue Green Pond Grass * Prefers Natural Shade * Fast Grower Sedge bog plants are fast-growing aquatic grass that can survive low oxygen environments and is considered a good wildlife plants. The blue-green stems have 3 sides adding a striking color to ponds spring to late summer and provides cover…
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  • Hardy Umbrella Grass

    * Hardy Decorative Plants * Fast Growing * Increases Natural Filtration Hardy Umbrella Grass is a popular plant for the edge of water gardens and ponds to create a natural look when planted in large patches. The tall triangular stems grow up to 4' tall and have slender bright green leaves that fall…
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  • Variegated Giant Reed

    * Striking Floiage * Cool Season Pond Grass * Strong Grower Create a unique landscape texture in your water garden with the Variegated Giant Reed. This aquatic bog plant displays bamboo-like green and white stripped broad leaves that can also be used as an accent in floral arrangements. Grows up to…
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  • Dwarf Bamboo Bundle of 2

    * Hardy Bog Plant * Add a Unique Plant to Your Water Garden * Increases Natural Filtration Dwarf Bamboo is not a true bamboo but rather a sedge that resembles bamboo. It is is a grass-like perennial herb that has simple linear perfectly 3-ranked leaves. Dwarf Bamboo has slender stalks up to 24 long.…
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  • Egyptian Papyrus - Tropical Bog


    (1 Reviews)

    …Fast Growing Attractive 10 heads of needle-like foliage sit atop stiff triangular stems which grow up to 12' tall. This eye-catching evergreen grass is extremely fast growing in spring and quickly reaches an impressive height. It should be considered an annual where temperatures drop below freezing…
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  • Pond King Honey Hole Grass


    (3 Reviews)

    …self-righting grass design is ready to be placed in the water right out of the box in separate units. Pick a 4-6' deep area toss it in the water and let it sink on its own no weight needed. Create bed coverage across larger underwater surfaces by spreading out several grass structures or group…
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  • Airmax Shoreline Defense


    (94 Reviews)

    …Emergent Weed Killer * Kills to The Roots * Long Term Control of Cattails Kill the roots of even the most persistent emergent aquatic weeds & grasses. Airmax Shoreline Defense is great for controlling cattails or any other plant growing above or out of the water. Apply directly to the foliage…
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    $31.99 - 103.99
  • Dwarf Cattail Bundle of 2


    (2 Reviews)

    * Hardy Bog Plant * Blooms Through Summer * Increases Natural Filtration Dwarf Cattails are a decorative and much smaller version of the Common Cattail and makes an excellent background plant. Dwarf Cattails are great for smaller ponds container gardens or water gardens and should always be planted…
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  • Pond King Honey Hole Nursery

    …When placed in water depths of 2 to 5 feet deep fry are able to move quickly inside a protective mesh cage and take cover under Honey Hole Grass stems. The grass serves as a great growing medium for periphyton which is important for their diet. The mobility of the fry entering and leaving the cage…
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    $99.00 - 319.00
  • Wooden Windmill Anchor Kit

    * Easily Secure Your Wooden Windmill * Ideal For Grass Surfaces * Made In The USA The Wooden Windmill Anchor Kit includes everything you need to secure your wooden windmill for a peace of mind even in heavy winds. Kit includes 4 screw-in ground anchors and all hardware needed to attach each anchor…
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  • De-Coy-ote Decoy


    (No Reviews)

    …and Shorelines Clean Flocks of geese can lay waste on your property and ruin years of healthy beaches shorelines and pond maintenance. Damaged grass wrecks soil quality. Keep pests away with the De-Coy-ote and let the wind do the work. Sudden movement makes this coyote decoy a successful deterrent…
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  • Pond King Honey Hole Reed

    …of the box or you can link the flexible limbs together to create a line of habitat. No assembly required – just toss into the water and watch it sink. Combine Honey Hole Reed with Honey Hole Grass and Honey Hole Brush to establish multi-depth fish habitat for proper fish population management.
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