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  • Star Grass

    * Dark Green Grass * White Star Flower * Blooms All Season Long The Star Grass gets its name from the white star shaped flowers that bloom spring through fall. This attractive perennial grass that is used to soften hard edges when transitioning from land to water. The dark green grassy foliage grows…
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  • Dwarf Cattail Bundle of 2


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    * Hardy Bog Plant * Blooms Through Summer * Increases Natural Filtration Dwarf Cattails are a decorative and much smaller version of the Common Cattail and makes an excellent background plant. Dwarf Cattails are great for smaller ponds container gardens or water gardens and should always be planted…
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  • Airmax® Shoreline Defense® (formerly Pond Logic®)


    (74 reviews)

    …Emergent Weed Killer * Kills To The Roots * Long Term Control Of Cattails Kill the roots of even the most persistent emergent aquatic weeds & grasses. Airmax Shoreline Defense (formerly known as Pond Logic Shoreline Defense) is great for controlling cattails or any other plant growing above or…
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  • Pond King® Honey Hole® Grass


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    …Hole Grass. The dual color variations and flexible leaves imitate submerged aquatic vegetation that moves freely underwater. This is ideal for creating grass beds in large areas to increase the bass and bluegill population without having to worry about pondweeds. The lightweight self-righting grass
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  • Wooden Windmill Anchor Kit

    * Easily Secure Your Wooden Windmill * Ideal For Grass Surfaces * Made In The USA The Wooden Windmill Anchor Kit includes everything you need to secure your wooden windmill for a peace of mind even in heavy winds. Kit includes 4 screw-in ground anchors and all hardware needed to attach each anchor…
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  • Pond King® Honey Hole® Reed

    …of the box or you can link the flexible limbs together to create a line of habitat. No assembly required – just toss into the water and watch it sink. Combine Honey Hole Reed with Honey Hole Grass and Honey Hole Brush to establish multi-depth fish habitat for proper fish population management.
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  • …muck layer. Other animals such as ducks and geese add their waste to the muck as well. Even without fish or other animals dead algae and weeds twigs grass clippings and leaves naturally contribute to the accumulation of muck. It is always a good idea to prevent organics from entering the pond and to…
    …True Blue: One of our most popular colors Nature's Blue™ Pond Dye beautifully offsets the scenery of a manicured yard and lush green grass ideal for decorative ponds.* Black: If you don't like the color blue or if your pond is in a wooded area go with a black dye. Black DyeMond™…
    …your pond and fish to withstand the harsh winter. Over the course of a year your pond will accumulate debris and organics such as leaves twigs grass clippings and fish waste. Removing this debris will ensure oxygen levels stay as high as possible and are not reduced from decaying organic debris…
    Over the course of a year your pond will accumulate debris and organics such as leaves twigs grass clippings and fish waste. Although your filtration system may remove some of this debris the rest will break down into muck and sludge which will release nutrients into the water and may cause algae…
    …In some areas it may also eat clams mussels snails crayfish small fish and frogs. Keeping your pond clear of excess vegetation such as cattails grasses rushes etc will disrupt a muskrat's diet. The best way to rid your pond of these emergent plants is to use  Shoreline Defense® & Treatment…
  • Oase® OxyTex

    * For Use With Oase® AquaOxy 450 * For Ponds Up To 5000 Gallons * Grass-Like Fibers Creates A Healthy Environment The Oase® OxyTex pond air diffuser provides a natural aesthetic to your pond floor while increasing filter efficiency by up to 25%. Easily place the Oase® OxyTex over the…
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