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Green Filter Media Pad

  • Matala® Filter Media Pads


    (57 reviews)

    Media * Mix & Match Filter Pads Buy 3+ for $34.99 each! Matala Filter Media Pads are lightweight durable and easy-to-cut. Each single Matala Filter Media is available in four densities: low (black) medium (green) high (blue) and super high (grey). Low and medium density Matala pond filter pads
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  • Oase® BioPress UVC Pressurized Filter


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    …compact pressurized filter with built-in UV Clarifier and cleaning mechanism that clears green water fast in ponds up to 1000 gallons. This pressurized filter is ideal for supplying high-elevation waterfalls. Varying media includes 2 black foam filters and 1 blue foam filter for the best biological…
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  • …crowns or buds where the pad will sprout and cut between them with a sharp knife. These sections will become a new plant so you will want each piece to be 3-4 in length. * Plant each section separately at a 45-degree angle with the growing tip exposed above the planting media. * Place your repotted…