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    Of all the fish species you could stock in your pond catfish is an excellent choice. These bottom dwellers live in inland or coastal water on every continent except Antarctica and include some of the most varied fish on the planet. Channel catfish the most common type stocked for sport fishing…
  • Premium Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lilies


    (22 Reviews)

    …Increase Shade Across Pond Surface * Promote Natural Filtration Mix & Match! Buy 2 Premium Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lilies for $59 or Buy 3 for $79! The Pond Guy Premium Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lily's are a terrific bargain. This lily collection contains the same great hardy water…
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  • Small Grower's Choice Water Lily


    (4 Reviews)

    * Increase Shade Across Pond Surface * Added Filtration * Grower's Pick The Pond Guy Small Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lily is a great option for small ponds or container gardens. The perennial tolerates both shade and cold weather climates zones 3 to 11. We offer a variety of colors and will pick…
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  • Medium to Large Growers Choice Water Lily


    (No Reviews)

    …Hummingbirds & Bees * Exceptional Filtration & Protection * 5 to 6 Inch Beautiful Blooms Enjoy hand selected hardy water lilies from the grower for the perfect medium to large water lily. Enjoy magnificent blooms up to 6 wide and plant spread up to 12' from later spring into early fall.…
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  • Jumbo Water Lettuce Bundle of 3


    (2 Reviews)

    …floating plants are much larger than the regular water lettuce. This pale green plant is a fast grower reaching up to 12 in diameter to provide both protection and shade for fish. Making it a great choice for partially shaded ponds. Please Note: Each order includes three plants per bundle. Aquatic…
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  • …safety in numbers When pond and lake predators look for a meal they look for easy targets. And while a school of fish might seem like a logical choice it's actually easier to identify a single target - and track it down. Schools of fish on the other hand present multiple targets. And when a predator…

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