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    …project. Use the article Calculate Liner Size to help with your equations. * Pump: A pump needs to be strong enough to move the water without being too powerful that it splashes everywhere. Not sure how to choose your pump? Check out this article so you will know the head pressure and flow rate of…
    Head pressure and desired flow rate will influence the pump needed to power your water feature. Head pressure refers to the friction created when water is pumped uphill or over long distances. Flow rate will determine how much water moves through the feature. Below are some tips for calculating
    …think. In this guide we'll cover the type of pond liner material that works best walk through a step-by-step process to calculate liner size using our pond liner calculator and run through some important reminders and next steps as you construct your pond.The Best Pond Liner Material (EPDM) Ethylene…
    …into one of these formulas: * Square/rectangle – Calculate the length and width; L x W = surface area * Circle – Calculate radius (1/2 of the pond length); Pi x R2 or 3.14 x R x R = surface area * Triangle – Calculate the base and height; (0.5 x B) X H = surface area * Odd-shaped…
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