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Heavy Duty

  • The Pond Guy Heavy-Duty Pond Net Combo


    (48 Reviews)

    * Professional Series Pond Nets * Reduce Timely Maintenance * Interchangeable Net Options * Includes 2 Nets & 1 Pole Remove sludge debris and catch fish fast with The Pond Guy Heavy-Duty Pond Net Combo. A must have for pond mintenance big or small! The sturdy aluminum handle with soft neoprene…
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  • Tsurumi Low Level Shutoff Switch

    * Protects Tsurumi VANCS Pumps * Easy Skimmer Mounting * Heavy Duty Cord No Adjustments Needed Safeguard your Tsurumi VANCS Pump from being exposed to the air when water evaporates and reduces the water levels in your pond skimmer. Tsurumi's convenient piggyback design is easy to mount without…
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  • Power House Ice Eater Replacement Shroud

    * Venturi Style Design for Ice Eaters * Heavy Duty PVC Construction * For Superior Water Flow & Motor Protection Power House Ice Eater Replacement Shroud is a patented heavy-duty PVC venturi housing that is designed for superior water flow and motor/propeller protection. The shroud is ready to…
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    $81.00 - 94.50
  • Aquascape Faux Log Fish Cave


    (5 Reviews)

    * Keep Pond Fish Safe From Herons* Ideal for Small to Medium Ponds* Great as a Decorative Garden Accent Keep your pond fish safe from herons and other predators. Aquascape Faux Log Fish Cave has a natural-looking faux wood design provides shelter to koi and pondfish and a safe retreat. Blends in…
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  • Aquascape Faux Oak Stump Cover

    * Realistic Oak Look Blends Easily in Any Outdoor Setting* Extremely Durable Withstands High Winds Doubles as a Seat* Ideal for Covering Unsightly Landscape Components* Hides Wells Outlets Cords Transformers & More The Aquascape Faux Oak Stump Cover is versatile and unique. Made of a heavy-duty…
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  • …nets also come on their own handle so you will not have to take the time to switch attachments between jobs. Heavy Duty Pond Net Combo For ponds that are a bit bigger The Pond Guy Heavy Duty Pond Net Combo has a reach of over 9'. The handle is strong enough to hold your debris even extended to the…
  • Jenlis Muck Razer


    (6 Reviews)

    * Reduce Muck & Eliminate Aquatic Growth * Dig Out Weed Roots & Sediment * Clears Beach & Dock Areas Designed with hooked teeth made of galvanized steel the Jenlis Muck Razer will help reduce muck and dig out the roots of aquatic weeds giving you clean weed-free swimming and beach areas.…
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  • The Pond Guy Pond & Beach Rake Gen 2


    (31 Reviews)

    * Cast & Retrieve Floating Pond Weeds * 3-In-1 Lake Weed Removal Tool * Perfect for Grooming Beach Sand The Pond Guy Pond & Beach Rake Gen 2 is perfect for mechanical control of weeds algae muck and debris. This 36 wide aluminum pond rake comes with an 11' three-piece rustproof powder-coated…
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  • IVy Bag UTV 100 Gallon Bladder

    * Flexible Tank for Fluid Transportation & Storage* Eliminate the Need for Rigid Bulky Tanks* 100 Gallons in One Small Package* Puncture-Resistant Construction Free up space in your garage boathouse or shed. The collapsible BPA free 100 gallons UTV IVy Bag is designed for water or other fluids…
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  • …application adjuster to achieve the correct dosages will help to provide a more effective weed kill-off. Net/Skimmer For surface debris the 2-In-1 Heavy Duty Combo Net is indispensable. The net's strong handle extends from 4' to over 11' and has comfortable neoprene grips. The 14 fish and skimmer…
    …roam and grow. Koi ponds also utilize bottom drains and large amounts of water flow to create ideal breeding conditions. These typically rely on heavy duty filtration systems and UV sterilizers and are much more complex then the pond skimmers pressurized filters and waterfall boxes water gardeners…
  • Aquascape Automatic Dosing System for Fountains


    (1 Reviews)

    * Ideal for Pond Free Features without Fish * Automatically Adds Fountain Water Treatments * Versatile Installation Easy to Use Panel * Additional Water Treatment Products (sold separately) Keep your decorative fountain or pond free waterfall spillway clean and beautiful with a fountain water…
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