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  • The Pond Guy® Blue Heron Decoy


    (90 reviews)

    …fish with a heron decoy. Herons are very territorial birds; when the decoy is placed near a pond other herons will avoid conflict and find a different feeding spot! The Pond Guy Blue Heron Decoy deters problematic herons from visiting your pond and doubles as a realistic blue heron pond decoration.…
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  • Heron Stop


    (5 reviews)

    * Stop Herons In Their Tracks * Protect Up To 40' of Shoreline * Prevent Herons From Approaching Your Pond The Heron Stop is very easy to install and prevents herons from approaching your pond. The Heron Stop creates an impassable barrier that deters herons from getting too close and preying on your…
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  • Nycon Koi Kastle Fish Shelters


    (22 reviews)

    * Provide Hiding Places For Fish * Keep Fish Safe From Predators * Multiple Sizes To Fit Your Pond Tired of blue herons and other pond predators snacking on your fish? The Nycon Koi Kastle Fish Shelter is the perfect solution for ponders looking to provide a hiding place for koi and other pond fish.…
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    $9.99 - 49.99
  • Bird Blocker Flag Set

    * Protect Fish & Plants * Create Reflection & Movement * Includes 3 Bird-Repelling Flags Give herons the feeling that they are being watched with the Bird Blocker Flags. Place the flags around your garden or pond to create movement. The bird of prey eye and reflective material will make your…
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  • Heron Stop Reflector


    (2 reviews)

    * Keep Herons At A Distance * Provides Constant Reflection * Features Bird Of Prey Eyes The growing heron population is a problem for pond lovers. Fish are the main feed of blue herons. The Heron Stop Reflector can bring relief to your fish. Featuring the holographic bird of prey eye and the 6…
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  • Heron Stop Spinner

    ( reviews)

    * Protect Your Fish From Herons * Scares Birds With Spinner Action * Features A Bird Of Prey Eye Protect your koi fish from predators while adding a visually appealing piece of art to your pond. The Heron Stop Spinner effectively scares away herons and different objectionable birds from your pond…
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  • …be when a heron has yet to discover your pond and should only be used after mating season. The theory is that herons often hunt alone and do not want to fight for their fishing spot so if they see a heron decoy near the pond they will seek an alternative body of water. Remember herons are very…
  • Atlantic® Pond & Garden Protector Net Kits


    (35 reviews)

    …cover makes an ideal instant line of defense for plants and expensive koi against many types of predators and herbivores including osprey hawks herons egrets kingfishers rabbits and raccoons that may visit in your absence. The Atlantic Pond Protection Net also allows for sunlight and optimum plant…
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    $83.99 - 96.99
  • …bay. Herons A common problem for pond owners is the great blue heron flying above looking for a bit of their favorite snack: fish. There are many tools out there to to discourage the heron to stop at your pond: * Use a heron decoy. Herons are territorial and so if they see that another heron has…
  • The Pond Guy® GatorDefender™ 3-Piece Floating Alligator


    (1 reviews)

    * Floating Alligator Pond Decoy * 3−Gator Body for Natural Movement * Protects Pond Fish From Waterfowl Keep herons geese and other waterfowl from second guessing who's down below. This 3-piece gator body is connected with chains allowing it to fl oat more naturally in the water. The realistic…
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  • …as needed.Predators Imagine looking up and seeing a clawed paw grab for you or a sharp beak slice through the water. Predators like raccoons and herons love a good sushi dinner - and that's how they see your fish! If your pond and its inhabitants have been visited by hungry predators your fish are…
  • The Pond Guy® GatorDefender™


    (21 reviews)

    …* Eyes Flicker In The Light The Pond Guy GatorDefender is a realistic life-sized floating alligator head that will effectivley keep away geese herons and othe rpesky waterfowl. This floating alligator decoy moves naturally with the wind as it floats on the surface of the water and features life-like…
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