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High Ammonia

    …Other Diseases Here are some other common fish illnesses and symptoms to watch for. * Gill Disease: Often caused by poor water conditions and high ammonia levels fish will have sunken eyes loss of appetite gasping for air at the surface and will often lay at the bottom of the pond for long periods…
    …media fibers removing ammonia and nitrites caused by fish waste and debris. Note: Standard Density filter pads are constructed with an open weave design allowing for higher water flow rates and will require less frequent cleaning compared to higher density products. * High Density - Mechanical…
    …biological filtration to keep the water at safe levels to support aquatic life including fish and plants. Without an established ecosystem high levels of ammonia and nitrites can put fish into danger. Once a pond is installed nitrogen from the atmosphere enters the pond through rainfall wind and…
  • API Pond Essentials with Food

    …Growth • Balanced Food Produces Less Waste • Fish Produce Less Ammonia API Pond Fish Food is a balanced nutritional diet for koi and goldfish. The high protein utilization produces less waste and ammonia resulting in clean and clear water. Pond Fish Food contains high-quality ingredients…
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  • API Pond Fish Food

    …summer with API Pond Fish Food. Each 3/16-Inch floating pellet contains a high amount of protein vitamins and minerals. This nutritional diet will keep your finned friends happy but fish will produce less waste and ammonia for clean and clear pond water. API Pond Fish Food has a 3-year shelf life…
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    $16.59 - 23.99
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 3-Inch Side Mount Valve

    …both biological and mechanical filtration to remove ammonia and waste from your pond in one compact package. Ideal for large ponds 30000 to 60000 gallons with heavy fish loads and low-amp high volume direct drive or self-priming pumps. High flow rates circulate the pond providing optimal turnover…
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    $4499.60 - 6225.80
  • API Pond Stress Coat


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    …Protects Against Disease API Pond Stress Coat reduces fish stress and should be added to ponds when introducing new fish or healing the injured. High stress levels caused by handling shipping and fish fighting can cause fish to lose their slime coat and be more susceptible to disease. Natural…
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    $10.99 - 54.99
  • …Another part of summer pond maintenance is checking the water for pH nitrite ammonia and phosphate. Too much nitrite ammonia and phosphate in the water can wreak havoc with fish and plants. If the pH of the water is too high or too low the fish can become stressed and will be more susceptible to…
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