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  • Live Koi Packages - Bronze


    (3 Reviews)

    * Beautiful Koi Delivered to Your Door * Includes 6 Choice Standard Fin Koi * Free Air Delivery to Ensure Koi Safety Near import quality koi are delivered directly to your doorstop! The broodstock for our fish was hand-selected by top Japanese breeders and raised in identical conditions. As a result…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Silver


    (4 Reviews)

    …Delivered to Your Door * Includes 8 Choice Standard & Long Fin Koi * Free Air Delivery Ensures Koi Safety Add and excitement to your pond with high-quality koi delivered directly to your door! 5 Choice Standard Fin and 3 Choice Long Fin Butterfly Koi are hand-selected by top Japanese breeders…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Platinum

    …(4) 10−12 Koi Fish * Free Air Delivery Ensures Koi Safety Platinum Koi Packages includes 2 Choice Long Fin/Butterfly Koi and 2 Elite Standard Fin Koi that are between 10-12 inches long. Each koi is hand-picked quarantined and treated so you will receive healthy koi delivered directly to your…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Gold


    (1 Reviews)

    …beautiful high-quality koi delivered to your door. Gold Koi Package includes a mix of (10) 6 - 10 Koi that includes both Standard and Long Butterfly Fin Choice and Elite Koi. Once ordered your koi will ship separately via air carrier on either a Tuesday or Thursday and arrive at your door that…
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  • …Learn what to look for and how to care for your finned friends. Warning Signs Lack of appetite open sores flashing rubbing or gasping at the surface are all warning signs that your fish are under the weather. Inspect your fish for red sores on fins or mouths these are signs of a bacterial infection.…
  • API Pond Fish Food

    …their color and growth this summer with API Pond Fish Food. Each 3/16-Inch floating pellet contains a high amount of protein vitamins and minerals. This nutritional diet will keep your finned friends happy but fish will produce less waste and ammonia for clean and clear pond water. API Pond Fish…
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    $16.59 - 23.99
  • API Pond Stress Coat

    …Protects Against Disease API Pond Stress Coat reduces fish stress and should be added to ponds when introducing new fish or healing the injured. High stress levels caused by handling shipping and fish fighting can cause fish to lose their slime coat and be more susceptible to disease. Natural…
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    $10.99 - 54.99
  • …backyard décor. * Floating Plants: Floating aquatic plants like water lilies and water hyacinth create scads of underwater shade for your finned pals. Simply plant lilies in baskets or plant bags and place them in strategic spots around your pond or toss in water hyacinth to create a floating…
    …ecosystem for your fish plants and other pond life. * Number of Fish and Feeding – Fish are a great addition to any pond but over time your finned friends will grow and may even reproduce. If your pond is already at capacity this can cause things to get a bit crowded and dirty from all the…
    …their aquarium cousins by their long single and deeply forked tail fin. In optimal conditions their tails can grow up to 2 feet in length! Comets typically have red and white coloration with red appearing on the tail and dorsal fin. The Sarassa's color pattern in fact often resembles a kohaku's…
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