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High Protein

  • Hikari® Saki-Hikari® Growth Fish Food


    (4 reviews)

    …For Accelerated Growth * Highly Digestible Medium Pellets A daily diet offering outstanding growth characteristics to help the advanced hobbyist develop jumbo sized champions! Saki-Hikari Koi Growth Fish Food has uniquely balanced ingredients with selected protein sources that appeal to the…
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    $18.99 - 365.99
  • The Pond Guy® Growth & Vibrance Fish Food


    (46 reviews)

    …Vibrance Floating Fish Food contains a high protein color-enhancing diet to promote growth and intensify colors in koi. The high 38% protein fish food formula promotes growth while Spirulina and Stabilized Vitamin C are added for enhanced color. High protein fish food pellets last up to 5 years…
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    $15.99 - 149.99
  • TetraPond® Koi Growth Fish Food


    (3 reviews)

    * High Protein Diet For Young Fish Growth * Formulation Provides Amino Acids For Maintenance * Great For Young & Old Fish TetraPond® Koi Growth fish food is enriched with essential vitamins to help keep your fish healthy active and energized. Koi Growth is special blend of food for koi fish…
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  • Hikari® Goldfish WheatGerm Fish Food


    (1 reviews)

    …temperatures are cooler or improved digestion is desired. Made from carefully selected high quality ingredients including vegetable proteins natural fats and necessary vitamins and minerals (especially high in vitamin E) Hikari Goldfish WheatGerm promotes improved fertility body luster abrasion…
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  • CrystalClear® Foam-B-Gone™


    (2 reviews)

    …* Removes Foam in Seconds * For Use in Ponds Fountains and Statuaries Protein foam that often builds up in ponds should be removed quickly before causing harm to aquatic life. Foam build up can be the result of high nutrient levels from dead debris fish waste or inadequate filtration.…
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    $5.99 - 55.99
  • …reproduce and naturally keep up the food supply. If fishing is important and you want quick growth The Pond Guy® Game Fish Grower has high amounts of protein and vitamins. It will encourage fast growth and provide balanced nutrition to increase resistance to common diseases. Always look for…
    …fish only what they can consume in a few minutes once a day and give them a quality diet. The Pond Guy® Growth & Vibrance Fish Food is a high protein food promoting growth and reducing waste left behind by your fish. * Aquatic Plants – Similar to algae plants use nutrients that are in…
    …food like Game Fish Grower Fish Food. Designed to promote optimal growth of game fish like bass bluegill trout and perch the large pellets are high in protein which helps to promote a strong healthy fish population for more satisfying game fishing. Having walked our way through fish that do school…
  • The Pond Guy® Game Fish Grower Fish Food


    (59 reviews)

    …All Warm-Water Game Fish The Pond Guy® Game Fish Grower Fish Food is an extremely nutritious and highly digestible balanced fish food. The Pond Guy® Game Fish Grower contains 40% protein for fast fish growth while providing balanced nutrition to increase resistance to common diseases. This…
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  • …lower protein level. Feed when water temperatures are between 40-50°F to transition them in and out of cold weather. When water temperatures are over 50°F you can begin feeding your regular summer food. * Promote Size and Color: Growth & Vibrance and other color-enhancing foods are high
    …need to eat to live and grow while they can't just drive on over to a fast food restaurant or raid the refrigerator to snack they can utilize their highly developed senses to easily catch a quick meal. There are always exceptions to the rule but in a natural environment your fish typically have no…