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How To Choose A Fountain

    to hear. In addition to their aesthetic qualities fountains also add a great deal of oxygen into the pond as the tiny droplets make contact with the air and fall back into the pond. But do pond water fountains provide enough aeration? Similar to choosing an aeration system determining if a fountain
    …your shopping here are some things to consider: Application Are looking to send water cascading over a waterfall or run a small fountain or send water through a UV clarifier? * Fountains or Spitters typically require a smaller pump. Look for pumps in our Fountain & Spitter Pump category. *…
    …particularly where ponds tend to freeze during the winter months - you'll usually notice their absence when temperatures start to drop. Like many of us would like to do during winter herons that choose to migrate will head for Central America and northern South America to warm up and fill up on…
    …collected water to a waterfall or stream you can also decide to opt for a bubbling vase stone fountain and more by utilizing the fountain add-on kit. There are many different decorative features that you can place on top of the water reservoir to fit your style and space. Choose from copper trees…
    …professional in your area to help you design your perfect oasis. * How much space do you have? Take a realistic look at your yard and think about how you can blend a water garden or fountain into the existing landscape. If you have a sprawling backyard with room to build consider going big with…
    …the diffusers. With all the benefits that an aeration system can provide you pond will become a balanced ecosystem that will make any fish happy. For tips on how to select the correctly sized aeration kit please check out our article How to Choose an Aeration Kit or give us a call at 866-766-3435.
    …odd-shaped lake or one with interconnecting segments and angles consider using a system with multiple aeration plates. Now sure how to calculate your pond volume or choose the best aeration system for your pond or lake? Call us at 866-766-3435 for our free aerial mapping service or use the Online…
    …and convert them into a harmless gas. Have an existing algae bloom in your water garden that needs treatment? Check out our article How to Choose an Algae Control for tips on managing existing algae growth and different tools that are available to help you combat even the most stubborn algae.

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