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How To Choose An Algae Control

    …owners an attractive option to chemical products to manage water quality issues. The Science Behind Barley Barley straw has been widely used for decades to control water quality issues in many bodies of water including large reservoirs and canals. Researchers have yet to precisely pinpoint how it…
    …and convert them into a harmless gas. Have an existing algae bloom in your water garden that needs treatment? Check out our article How to Choose an Algae Control for tips on managing existing algae growth and different tools that are available to help you combat even the most stubborn algae.
    …diffuser sticks to half your maximum depth. This will help to reduce ice formation and keep a pocket of warm water for your fish at the bottom of the pond. Have questions on how to know which kit is right for your pond? Check out our article How to Choose an Aeration Kit. If you have an aeration kit…

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