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How To Clean Bio Balls

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    …secondary filtration media to harbor beneficial bacteria and keep your pond balanced and clear. BioBalls are a lighter and more effective solution to biological filtration than traditional porous stone. The bio ball conforms to the shape of your filter box are easy to clean and last forever. Each…
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  • …drained from them to prevent cracking as the water freezes and thaws throughout winter. For ponds that do not contain skimmers it is not necessary to lower the water level in your pond.Step 3: Clean Filters Media and PumpFilter Media First wash the filter media pads and bio balls located in your…
    …your dirty work without complaining. But they will need a little love from time to time to keep them in fighting shape. We all know that it is important to clean your filters but how much is too much? When do you have to replace your filter and for that matter with all those options which one do you…
    …potential issues can be avoided by simply maintaining a clean pond. Inspect Before You Select It is easy to get attached to that perfect fish right from the start but be sure to make sure they are feeling ready to travel. Some common signs to look for are clamped fins open sores or separating…
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