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How To Install A Skimmer

  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 4' x 6'

    …resistant to solar UV ozone and oxidation. The superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics of the pond liner allow for easy installation without special tools. Installation Tools • Comes Complete with Everything You Need to Install a Pond Kit • Simplifies the Installation of Plumbing…
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  • …best to avoid tight curves. Dig this inner area to about 2' deep. Lastly you will need to excavate an area for your skimmer box. Keep in mind that you will want the skimmer opening to be about 1 above water level. Step 4: Install Skimmer & Pump Tamp and level the soil then place the pond skimmer.
  • Aquascape Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/Tsurumi 3PL Pump

    …Learn how to build and maintain an 8'x16' pond of your own with Aquascape backyard pond kits. A complete welcome kit and guide walk you through how to install and use the included hand-picked pond equipment to achieve a well-balanced koi pond ecosystem. The low-maintenance equipment allows you to
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  • …kit installed simply relocate air stones or diffusers to the shallower part of the pond. This will leave an undisturbed area at the bottom of your pond for your fish to gather for the winter. For added protection install a de-icer to further ensure a hole stays open in the ice. Step 7 - Switch to
    …This is a great time to add pond lighting or add in additional lights. Check out this article for additional lighting tips: Installing & Maintaining Lighting. Step 6 - Reconnect the plumbing & filters. You are now ready to reinstall your pump back into the pond or skimmer filter. Place the…
    …stream in order to calculate which size liner and underlayment is needed for your project. Use the article Calculate Liner Size to help with your equations. * Pump: A pump needs to be strong enough to move the water without being too powerful that it splashes everywhere. Not sure how to choose your…