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How To Plant Water Lillies

    …deeper water once they are established, but Blue Flag Iris and other bog plants just like to get their roots wet. When you receive your plants, make sure you follow the planting directions, as deep water loving plants like to be in shallow water when they are getting started. * Flow or No: Water
    …bog plants should be divided every one to two years; water lilies and lotus are usually divided every two to three years. Below is a simplified how-to guide, so grab your pruning tools, gloves, extra planting bags, planting media, and garden hose and let's get to work! Bog Plants Bog plants include…
    …professional in your area to help you design your perfect oasis. * How much space do you have? Take a realistic look at your yard and think about how you can blend a water garden or fountain into the existing landscape. If you have a sprawling backyard with room to build, consider going big with…
    plants will naturally fall into a dormant state. To winterize hardy plants, use your pruning tools to trim off dead foliage just above the soil. If your plants are in pots, move the pot to the pond's bottom to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. For tropical water lilies, floating plants
    …rework the area to get the look you want. If you are unsure how much rock to get, use our calculator. Step 8: Attach Liner to Waterfall Box Your waterfall box should be level side to side and tipped slightly forward – about an inch – towards the pond. Hold the liner to the front of the…