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How To Replace The Uv Light Bulb

    …a UV clarifier be sure to replace the bulb before reinstalling. The intensity of a UV bulb degrades over time and should be replaced every year. Don't forget the quartz sleeve; build-up should be removed to let the light through. Be sure to check out the manual for instructions on UV maintenance.…
    to be replaced during spring start-up. UV Clarifiers For UV clarifiers disassemble the unit and clean the quartz sleeve with a soft cloth and a descaler such as white vinegar or D-Scale. A UV bulb's effectiveness degrades over time and should be replaced after each season. You may choose to replace
    …a UV clarifier take your pond and pump size into account. If your pump is too large the particles will not be exposed to the UV radiation long enough to damage the cell walls. Another thing to keep in mind is that pond UV light bulbs should be replaced yearly – even if they still light up…
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