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  • TetraPond GreenFree Ultraviolet Clarifiers


    (18 Reviews)

    …Ultraviolet Clarifiers help keep your pond free of the planktonic algae that causes green water. A rugged green plastic body on the TetraPond GreenFree Ultraviolet Clarifier houses a quartz sleeve and UV bulb. The view window built into the body of the TetraPond GreenFree allow you to see if the UV…
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    $119.99 - 279.99
  • PondmasterSubmersible Ultraviolet Clarifier


    (17 Reviews)

    * Only Submersible UV Clarifier On The Market * UV Clarifiers Are For Use In Or Out Of Water * Glowing Halo Ring Indicates Unit Is On The PondMaster Submersible Ultraviolet (UV) Clarifier/Sterilizer is one of the only submersible UV clarifiers on the market today plus has a slim diameter and vortex…
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    $149.99 - 219.99
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Viper UV Clarifier - 400 Watt


    (1 Reviews)

    …penetration capability while lasting up to 14 months. These UV Clarifiers are engineered to accommodate extreme flow rates by using a flow switch to shut the unit off if water flow falls below 5700 GPH. Aqua Ultraviolet Viper UV Clarifiers maximize UV effectiveness to clear green or discolored water…
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    $2275.00 - 3274.60
  • …pump that is close to but not greater than the maximum flow rate. Keep in mind if you have a large pump to power a waterfall or other feature you may need a separate pump for your UV Clarifier. Options UV clarifiers can be run inline or as part of your filter system. Which type you choose will…
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Winterization Cap - EZ Twist

    Winterization Cap for Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series UV Clarifier. Use the Winterization Cap to protect your UV clarifier from freezing temperatures. If you are going to continually run water through your unit where it will be exposed to freezing temperatures: Use the Winterization Cap on the unit…
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  • …products is the key to reducing future growth. If you're continually battling algae or want to know how to get rid of algae in your pond naturally without the use of chemicals then read on for options:* UV Clarifiers: Installing a pond UV clarifier is an effective way to eliminate discolored water.…
    …your pump back into the pond or skimmer filter. Place the pump back into the pond and connect your check-valves and tubing. If your pond was equipped with a UV clarifier be sure to replace the bulb before reinstalling. The intensity of a UV bulb degrades over time and should be replaced every year.…
    …Necessary: Unless your holding tank receives a lot of sunlight you won't need chemical treatments like algaecides or water clarifiers. They're not necessary particularly if you use beneficial bacteria stress reducer and an aeration system. * Boost Your Bacteria: Natural beneficial bacteria like…
    …one that is rated for your pond size or larger. If you have a heavier debris load due to an overpopulation of fish or a nearby tree you may want to consider getting a filter one size larger. Remember you cannot have too much filtration but if your filter is undersized you will likely continually…
  • API Clear Pond Essential Bundle

    …Essentials Bundle lets you provide regular care for your koi fish pond this summer and into the fall season. The summer provides lots of sunlight but if you have excess nutrients in the pond water it can lead to green water and algae blooms. The bundle includes AlgaeFix to effectively control algae…
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  • …all the planning to create a relaxing waterfall or the water garden of your dreams the last thing you want to do is stare at your filter or UV clarifier. Faux rocks will cover your pond equipment and give your feature a finished look. Besides camouflage these rocks offer protection to keep your gear…
  • Airmax PondClear Beneficial Bacteria


    (187 Reviews)

    …bags. Just count out the number of bags you need to treat your pond and toss them evenly around the pond and you're done no measuring no mess. If you are cost conscious or just have a smaller pond PondClear is also available in liquid. So whether you use the liquid or the dry version one thing…
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    $39.99 - 469.99
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