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Indoor Plants

  • Lemon Bacopa Bundle of 5


    (9 Reviews)

    …sunny window indoors. Lemon Bacopa plants will thrive in a wide range of growing conditions from moist soil as a bog plant or in water as a floating or submerged plant. The Lemon Bacopa is a great aquatic pond plant for providing a place for fish to hide and reproduce. Lemon Bacopa plants are ideal…
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  • …bog plants should be divided every one to two years; water lilies and lotus are usually divided every two to three years. Below is a simplified how-to guide so grab your pruning tools gloves extra planting bags planting media and garden hose and let's get to work! Bog Plants Bog plants include…
  • Aquascape AquaGarden Plant Light

    …Kit * Provides Specific Light Waves to Grow Plants Indoors * Sleek LED Light & Stand Blends Into Any Setting Provide aquatic plants the proper overhead lighting needed to flourish and develop indoors with the extremely efficient LED AquaGarden Plant Light. Aquascape uses durable metal and poly…
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  • Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kits

    …Illuminates Indoor Plants & Encourages Growth • Provides Light Waves for Plants to Flourish • LED with Transformer Lasts up to 50000 Hours This outdoor-rated 8-Watt LED overhead plant light with transformer provides 50000 hours of specific light waves needed to grow plants indoors.
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  • Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond Kit

    …Accessories • Aquatic Plants • Goldfish • Filtration System Spruce up your new indoor/outdoor Aquatic Patio Pond with optional patio pond accessories. Adding a wide variety of aquatic plants can add height and interest in the home office or outdoor living area. Plants are a great way…
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  • Blue Thumb Corner Falls Waterfall Box

    …exceptionally well in landscape beds. This is the perfect item for adding a little sound to your indoor or outdoor oasis. The Corner Falls Waterfall Box includes an attached landscape lid for plants mulch or rock making it easier to disguise in the landscape. Thinking of adding to a pondless kit…
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  • …above the soil. If your plants are in pots move the pot to the pond's bottom to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. For tropical water lilies floating plants or other temperature sensitive varieties plants will either need to be discarded or brought indoors. Step 5- Remove Excess Debris…
    …factor is the design of the pond itself. While a koi pond may also include plants for filtration or aesthetic appeal the design of this type of pond is all about the koi. These ponds do not contain plant shelves and are usually 4 ft. in depth or more. The reason for this is to discourage…
  • Aquascape Patio Pond Kits Square

    * Complete Water Garden Pond Kit * Square Container Pond for Small Spaces * Textured Slate Gray Built to Last Transform any outdoor or indoor environment easily with a complete water garden pond kit by Aquascape. Choose from three sizes (22 27 or 33) of the beautiful textured slate gray square…
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    $299.99 - 489.99
  • Aquascape Patio Pond Kits Round

    …have a complete water garden in any indoor or outdoor setting. All kits include a round container filter with pump as well as a bamboo fountain feature with pump. Round Patio Ponds • Durable Fiber-Resin Construction for Outdoors • Integrated Plant Shelf & Plumbing Ports •…
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    $299.99 - 489.99
  • …depending on weather conditions. If your pond is not quite deep enough to beat out the ice then an indoor home for the winter is the better bet. Also consider the type of fish in your pond. Just as with plants some fish species can be hardy in some climates and not in others. An Oranda for instance…
  • Aquascape Automatic Dosing System for Fountains


    (2 Reviews)

    …debris buildup in the water and on the surface of fountains rocks or gravel. This 32 fl oz pouch keeps fountains and water features without fish or plants clean and clear. It controls white-scale buildup foam stains and unsightly water conditions without damaging surfaces. Fountain Water Treatment…
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