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  • CrystalClear KoiAir Water Garden Aeration Kit


    (59 Reviews)

    * Infuse Oxygen Into Your Pond * Aerate Ponds up to 16000 Gallons * Energy Efficient Design for 24−7 Use * Optional Rock Cover in 2 Colors CrystalClear KoiAir Aeration Kits are the ideal choice for aerating medium and large water gardens and koi ponds. A powerful yet energy efficient dual…
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    $279.99 - 559.98
  • CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits


    (224 Reviews)

    * Infuse Oxygen Into Your Pond * Ideal for Ponds up to 2000 Gallons * Energy Efficient Design for 24−7 Use * Optional Rock Cover Protects Compressor CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits are ideal for decorative ponds and water gardens up to 2000 gallons. Powered by highly efficient diaphragm…
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    $54.99 - 134.98
  • Kasco Circulator w/Universal Dock Mount 1/2 HP 2400CUD - 115V


    (1 Reviews)

    …debris and plant vegetation away from shorelines. Built to last the Kasco Circulators can be used in a variety of applications all year round to infuse oxygen and eliminate stagnant water. Operates in just 2-feet of water. 2-Year Warranty. Power Cords with quick disconnect are available in lengths…
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    $996.00 - 1746.00
  • CrystalClear PondAir & Thermo-Pond 3.0 De-Icer Combos


    (22 Reviews)

    * Infuse Oxygen Into Your Pond * Energy Efficient Design for 24−7 Use * Vent Harmful Gases all Winter Long * Boulder Rock Protects Equipment From Weather The CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kit & Thermo-Pond de-icer combo gives your pond the one-two punch it needs to vent harmful gases keep your…
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    $104.98 - 178.97
  • …explosion depletes the dissolved oxygen levels in the pond. Introducing an aeration kit the CrystalClear PondAir or KoiAir Aeration Kits will infuse oxygen into the pond and circulate the water column. Adding aeration will not only make a great addition for the summer when your bacteria are…
    …to cut down on the cost of running a pump. Depending on your location conditions this practice may not be able to keep a hole open in the ice or infuse enough oxygen into the pond. Additionally in water gardens deeper than 2' waterfalls alone will not provide aeration to the deepest depths. Lack of…
    …a Plan If you've been putting off installing an aeration system now is the time to get it started. Installing an aeration system in your pond will infuse the water column with oxygen and circulate the entire water column. Aeration systems help reduce pond muck formation and weed growth while keeping…
    When it comes to aeration kits finding the right fit is key. Properly sized aeration units will infuse oxygen into the pond circulate water and help create a balanced ecosystem. Your fish will be happier and healthier and you will have reduced excess organic material in your pond – meaning…
    …– as well as your fish – rely on oxygen to survive. Waterfalls and fountains can provide some aeration but they may not sufficiently infuse oxygen into the pond. That is where pond aeration kits come into play. These systems force air through a diffuser or air stone circulating the water…
    …your beneficial bacteria live (or are struggling to survive!). Implementing an Airmax Aeration System will circulate the contents of your pond and infuse the entire water column with oxygen. This influx in oxygen helps beneficial bacteria flourish and feed on all that accumulated organic debris.…
    …plant friendly. Aeration Kit Winter is one many times where aeration kits are a valuable asset for anyone with a water garden. Aeration kits infuse oxygen by releasing tiny air bubbles from air stones or diffuser sticks which move the water allowing for gas exchange. During the winter we recommend…
    …system. What are my options? * Aeration – Fish need oxygen but a waterfall or fountain may not be enough. Using an aeration kit will infuse oxygen into the pond and are less costly to operate than pumps. Aeration will also help to make the beneficial bacteria in your pond more active…
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