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Install Skimmer

    …to excavate an area for your skimmer box. Keep in mind that you will want the skimmer opening to be about 1 above water level.Step 4: Install Skimmer & Pump Tamp and level the soil then place the skimmer. Push the tubing through the grommet and into the skimmer. Assemble the check valve assembly…
  • Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers


    (5 Reviews)

    …Pre-Filters Water & Protects Waterfall Pump The Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers are ideal for ponds that are placed beneath trees or get a lot of floating debris. When placed alongside the pond's edge this pond skimmer continuously sweeps the surface of the water drawing in leaves and other…
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    $295.98 - 674.99
  • TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer


    (10 Reviews)

    …In-Pond Skimmer is easy to install without modifying or cutting your pond liner. Skimmer includes 3-feet of 1.25 I.D. kink-free-tubing 1 plug 2 lock nuts and 2 1.25 barb/1.25 threaded fitting adapters to connect the skimmer to the submersible pond pump that sits outside of the skimmer box to the…
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  • …systems are easy to install and can hold a few colorful fish and some aquatic plants. This pond type is where many customers begin before upgrading to a more custom pond design. EPDM Rubber Liner Also a Do It Yourself pond kit construction or an elaborate professional installation. Rubber liners…
  • Savio Standard Skimmerfilter


    (3 Reviews)

    skimmer clean out and protects your pump from harmful solid debris. The easy to remove filter media tray provides additional surface area; boosting biological filtration and making media pad changes a breeze. The Skimmerfilter also has patented built-in UV receptacles to allow for quick installation
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  • Aquascape Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/Tsurumi 3PL Pump

    …problems from arising. Installation Tools • Comes Complete with Everything You Need to Install a Pond Kit • Simplifies the Installation of Plumbing and Connections • Eliminates the Guesswork of the Proper Installation Products Aquascape provides all of the installation tools you need…
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  • Atlantic Oasis Skimmer 6-Inch Weir


    (No Reviews)

    …for professional contractors or the advanced Do-It-Yourselfer. The Atlantic Oasis Skimmer has exceptional strength and durability like our professional line in a compact consumer size for smaller installations. The 6 weir door Matala filter mat and debris net provides maximum surface cleaning…
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  • Savio Compact Skimmer Faceplate

    * Replaces or Enhances Skimmer Faceplate * Easy to Install * Allows for Greater Debris Collection Savio 8.5 Compact Skimmer Faceplate can enhance your ponds debris collection abilities. By increasing the size of the faceplate your pond will be able to collect larger debris and skim more of the…
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  • Pump Shut-Off Switch


    (4 Reviews)

    * Easy to Install * Ideal for Use in Skimmers * Protect Your Pump From Low Water Simply plug your pump into this easy-to-use Pump Shut-Off Switch and have the confidence that your pump will never run dry again! If water depletes to a certain point the pump switches off automatically. Includes: 8…
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  • Blue Thumb Uniseals

    Attach tubing and pipes to pondless water feature basins container water gardens or other pipes easily with the Blue Thumb Black Uniseals. They can also be used as a replacement for skimmer box discharge holes and help prevent dirt and debris from entering the skimmer at the exit tubing.
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    $9.99 - 14.99
  • Savio Standard Skimmer Faceplate

    * Replaces or Enhances Skimmer Faceplates * Allows for Greater Debris Collection * Perfect for Savio Standard Skimmerfilters Savio skimmer faceplates can enhance your ponds debris collection abilities. By increasing the size of the faceplate your pond will be able to collect larger debris and skim…
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    $29.99 - 59.99
  • Savio Pond Skimmer Leaf Baskets


    (1 Reviews)

    …& Install The leaf baskets are replacements for the Compact and Standard Savio Skimmer models. Leaf baskets feature a rugged design and will help mechanically filter large surface debris. Installation and replacement takes just minutes. Simply remove the lid of your Savio Skimmer and pull…
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    $74.99 - 79.99
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