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Installing A Pond

  • Pond Installation Kit

    ( reviews)

    * Repair & Seal Pond Liner * Kit For Minor Repairs or Installation * Great To Keep On Hand The Pond Installation Kit is great to have on hand when installing ponds waterfalls and streams. It also contains all the necessities for existing ponds in case emergencies arise. The kit contains: Fish…
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  • …skimmer box. Keep in mind that you will want the skimmer opening to be about 1 above water level.Step 4: Install Skimmer & Pump Tamp and level the soil then place the pond skimmer. Push the pond tubing through the grommet and into the skimmer. Assemble the check valve assembly on the pump and place…
  • Pond Underlayment


    (28 reviews)

    * Protect Pond Liner From Rocks * No Seaming Necessary * Use Under Pond Liner This underlayment for ponds is a soft fabric that allows gas to escape protects your liner from sharp objects and installs easily. Made of 100% polypropylene non-woven material is specially formulated to resist ultraviolet…
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    $24.99 - 159.99
  • Carlisle® AquaTough™ 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner


    (57 reviews)

    …45 Mil EPDM rubber pond liner is extremely flexible and adapts very well to irregular shapes of decorative ponds. Pond builders appreciate it's ability to conform the shelves needed for plant containers. Landscapers prefer it for it's ease of installation. When finished your pond will have a natural…
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    $29.99 - 4499.99
  • installed when your pond is empty like while it is being constructed or – in most cases – while you are doing your annual spring clean-out. However if you cannot wait you may want to consider an installation without submerged lights. Position the pond lights so they are facing the pond
    …rocks and allow gas to escape Pond Underlayment should be installed under the liner. For more information on how to install an EPDM liners please click here for a short video on installing a water garden. Larger Ponds (over 5000 sq. ft.) Using EPDM liners for larger ponds can require a lot of field…
  • The Pond Guy® AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (1 reviews)

    …Size * Provides Maximum Filtration AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit is designed with ease of installation efficiency and maximum filtration in mind. The advanced filtration system found in an AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit starts with a SolidFlo™ debris handling pump. The SolidFlo™…
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    $639.99 - 1099.99
  • Aquascape® AquaSurge® Pond Pumps


    (10 reviews)

    …Pumps are the ideal choice for pond owners. The highly efficient high-flow submersible pump provides high torque trouble-free performance at head heights up to 20'. The AquaSurge® pumps won't rust or corrode. Made for continuous use these pumps can be installed horizontally or vertically inside…
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    $279.98 - 407.98
  • …or uneven landscaping. * Pond & Garden Protector Net Kits – This fully framed net is movable in one piece for easy installation over the pond. Although it is not recommended for use on uneven ground the ½ mesh netting will protect plants around the pond and can even be used in a…
  • The Pond Guy® SuperFlo™ Pump

    …Design * This lightweight pump weighs only 24 lbs. making it easy to remove when needed or to lower in a pump vault during installation. * The oil-free design prevents pond contamination. * SuperFlo pumps are designed so that all the water they pump goes past the motor. This extends the life of the…
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    $899.99 - 969.99
  • …possible replacement if it's been too long. Also consider installing a maintenance kit to keep your compressor running in top condition. * Check the aerator regularly throughout the winter. After a heavy snow or a storm head out to the pond and inspect your aeration unit. Remove snow that has…
  • Savio Pond Skimmer Leaf Baskets


    (1 reviews)

    …& Standard Models * Keeps Pond Surface Clean * Easy To Replace & Install The leaf baskets are replacements for the Compact and Standard Savio Skimmer models. Leaf baskets feature a rugged design and will help mechanically filter large surface debris. Installation and replacement takes just…
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