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  • Arrowhead Bundle of 2


    (1 Reviews)

    …anchor the visual-effect of other plantings. This species is very popular because of the way they grow in very shallow water are not aggressive or invasive and have large attractive green-leaves that grow 2' to 3' tall and fragrant white flowers that bloom all summer long. Arrowhead pond plants have…
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  • Chameleon Plant Bundle of 2


    (4 Reviews)

    …The Chameleon Plant is one of the most popular ground covers around. It is an extremely hardy ground cover and easy to grow but can become very invasive. Being similar in shape to English Ivy it features boldly variegated leaves of red pink white green and yellow with a plant height of 15. Please…
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  • Propeller Aquatic Herbicide − Flumioxazin


    (36 Reviews)

    …and does not accumulate in sediment * Effective in Slow Moving or Quiescent Waters Propeller Aquatic Herbicide provides fast control of tough invasive plants such as duckweed watermeal fanwort hydrilla and more. Propeller is very versatile and breaks down quickly in the water leaving no accumulation…
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  • Bog Bean Bundle of 2


    (6 Reviews)

    …the water up to 6 and have spikes of pink and white flowers with fringed petals. Bog Bean should be grown in a planting container as it can be an invasive plant if left to roam planting shelves on its own which makes individual Bog Bean plants extremely suitable for container water gardening. Plant…
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  • …dense colonies in quiet water that is undisturbed by waves. You can fit six to eight of these plants of the tip of your finger. Watermeal another invasive plant that can be mistaken for duckweed is also light green and free-floating but it has no roots and is more of a grainy seed-type plant. It is…
    …can be used for fish habitat but make sure you stick with plants that are native to your area. Using native plants will help make it harder for invasive species to take over. There are some disadvantages of using plants as fish structures in ponds. Make sure to keep the plants under control as they…
  • Algae Eating Black Japanese Trapdoor Pond Snails


    (149 Reviews)

    * Keeps Algae Under Control * Non-Invasive Compared To Other Snails * Promotes Balanced Ecosystem Algae Eating Black Japanese Trapdoor Pond Snails are the preferred species of snail for recreational and professional pond and water gardeners worldwide. Japanese Trapdoor Snails are one of the few…
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