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  • Copper Red Iris Flower Fountain Kit

    …Feature Kit * Vibrant Handcrafted Red Iris Flowers * Artisan Fountain Reaches 50 High The Copper Red Iris Flower Fountain adds a stunning work of art to any deck porch or patio. The copper metal fountain reaches up to 50 high x 17 wide with vibrant red iris flowers. Each fountain is handcrafted by…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
  • Blue Thumb Copper Blue Iris Fountain Kit

    …Copper Leaf Fountain * Buy Complete Kit or Fountain Only * Designed with Exquisite Blue Iris Flowers Bring beauty and tranquility to any empty space. Hand made in the English countryside the Blue Iris Copper Fountain Kit will do just that. Standing approximately 50 high x 17 diameter. Inspired…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
  • …End: Some plants prefer deep water where as some prefer it shallow. Lilies and lotus prefer deeper water once they are established but Blue Flag Iris and other bog plants just like to get their roots wet. When you receive your plants make sure you follow the planting directions as deep water loving…
    …Terrestrial Shade: Trees and terrestrial and marginal plants growing alongside your pond can provide plenty of shade from the outside. Blue Flag Iris and Dwarf Cattail for instance planted on the south or west side will cast cool shady shadows for your fish. * Get Creative with Canopies: If planting…
    …bags planting media and garden hose and let's get to work! Bog Plants Bog plants include species like Corkscrew Rush Dwarf Cattail and Blue Flag Iris. These types of plants have clumping roots runners or rhizomes and the dividing process will vary slightly based on which type of root mass the plant…
  • Copper Orange Trumpet Flower Fountain Kit

    * Sculptural Water Feature * Copper and Glass Accents * Highest Quality Craftsmanship Bring harmony allure and rich color to your garden. Made from copper and glass this classic copper pond fountain is crafted from the finest materials with a timeless charm. Visually striking day and night with or…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
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