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Kill Pond Snails

    …you will also have a healthier pond! Hardier than the Average Snail Though little Japanese Trapdoor Snails can handle temperatures down to 0°F. Unlike other snails that use a snail's version of a snorkel to get air from outside the pond Japanese Trapdoor Snails get oxygen from the water using…
    …manipulating the water level in your pond during the winter. Once ice has formed on your pond decrease the water level by at least four feet. This will freeze leeches living in the shallow muck It's an effective method but proceed with caution since it can also kill other aquatic life burrowed in…
    …other dead vegetation in your pond to decompose. This decomposition turns into nutrient-rich pond muck that fuels new weed growth. Tools like a Weed Cutter and Pond Rake will make the process quick and simple.Setting Boundaries While knowing how to kill cattails in a pond is helpful for maintenance…
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