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Kill Water Lillies

  • Airmax WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide


    (46 Reviews)

    …and submerged pond weeds including: duckweed water lilies coontail fanwort watermilfoil and more. Easy Application Application with WipeOut is easy. Just shake before use mix WipeOut with water in the included container and pour mixture to fresh water farm ponds and lakes in several spots around the…
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    $89.99 - 1599.99
  • Navigate Granular Aquatic Herbicide


    (10 Reviews)

    …aquatic herbicide is perfect for spot treating weeds around docks beach areas and shorelines. Navigate herbicide kills the roots of many plants such as Water Milfoil Coontail and Water Lilies. This aquatic weed control works on both submerged and floating aquatic weeds. Visible effects of dying…
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  • …& Beach Rake is 36 inches wide and can be used as a floating rake or a subsurface rake. Simply attach the float for clearing the surface of the water or remove it to allow the rake to pull weeds from the bottom. The included 50-foot rope makes it easy to grab vegetation and debris from a large…