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  • The Pond Guy® AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (1 reviews)

    …* Provides Maximum Filtration AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit is designed with ease of installation, efficiency and maximum filtration in mind. The advanced filtration system found in an AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit starts with a SolidFlo™ debris handling pump. The SolidFlo™…
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    $639.99 - 1099.99
  • The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (1 reviews)

    …and spillway to provide the start of a magnificent waterfall and/or stream. View the different garden pond kits that we have for sale today! The RapidFlo™ EcoSystem Garden Pond Kit is right for you if: • You are planning to create a large waterfall or stream. • You desire to mask…
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    $1069.99 - 2849.99
  • The Pond Guy® DefensePAC® Pond Care Packages


    (76 reviews)

    * Proactive Approach For Pond Management * Eliminate Guesswork * Achieve Crystal Clear Water * Includes FREE Bottle of InstaFix™ Achieve guaranteed crystal clear water in 5 simple steps with this easy-to-use all-natural pond maintenance system. The Pond Guy® DefensePAC® combines 5 of…
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    $89.99 - 139.99
  • Pond Logic® ClearPAC® Plus Pond Care Packages


    (44 reviews)

    * All−In−One Pond Care Package * Proactive Pond Management * Season−Long Results The Pond Logic® ClearPAC® Plus includes everything you need to keep your pond clean and clear all season long. Save time, money and guesswork with this all-in-one pond care package. The…
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    $329.99 - 1179.99
  • Atlantic™ Pond Kit

    …& Pump Atlantic's™ Pond Kit saves you time and money by avoiding costly mismatching and multiple trips to the store. The skimmer, waterfall box, pump, tubing and accessories are designed to work together to eliminate any guesswork. Atlantic™ Pond Kits range from 6' x 11' pond to 21' x…
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    $934.99 - 3332.99
  • Basalt Fountain Kit

    …8"-10" diameter. This kit has everything you need to create the perfect water feature, including polished pebbles. The kit includes: drilled basalt stone(s), basin, mag-drive pump and all plumbing and tubing components. Note: Small Kit includes one 18" column, while the Triple Kit includes 3 columns…
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    $809.99 - 2024.99
  • Almond Fountain Kit

    …Smooth Stone Kit * Relax & Re−Energize Your Home * Ideal for Entryways & Landscapes Create your own oasis in just a few hours with the Almond Fountain Kit. Made of a unique cut of stone to show off beautiful patterns, ensuring no two stones are the same. This natural stone kit creates…
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  • Granite Sphere Fountain Kit

    * Stunning Complete Fountain Kit * Beautiful Garden Focal Point * Includes Polished Pebbles The Granite Sphere Fountain Kit makes an easy DIY project to upgrade any landscape with a formal design. This beautiful fountain is cut in a sphere shape to make a remarkable statement and a lasting…
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  • Airmax® Deep Water Kit

    …Warranty The Airmax® Deep Water Kit is required for ponds 22' - 50' deep when aerating with any Airmax® PondSeries™ Aeration Systems. Kits are designed for 5/8" weighted airline or 5/8" direct burial airline only. Backed by a 1 year warranty, the kit is easy to install and includes all…
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    $39.99 - 319.99
  • Windmill Bearing Replacement Kit

    This kit includes 3 high quality replacement bearings and 6 flanges designed to fit single diaphragm and double diaphragm compressors for aeration windmills that are manufactured in Canada.
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  • Granite Boulder Fountain Kit

    * Eye Catching, Natural Design * Perfect For Smaller Gardens * Includes Basin, Pump, Pebbles This attractive Granite Boulder Fountain Kit comes with everything included, making it an easy way to add the relaxing sounds of water to your garden. The perfect complement for smaller garden spaces, this…
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  • Zen Fountain Kit

    …attractive Zen Fountain Kit comes with everything included, making it an easy way to add the relaxing sounds of water to your garden. With a balance of smooth and textured elements, the melting stone appearance of this delightful fountain will complement any garden. The kit includes: fountain, a 36"…
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