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Koi Color Changes

    They say a tiger can't change its stripes - but did you know koi and goldfish can change their colors? As you get to know each one of your fish personally (and you will if you haven't already!) you may notice changes in the pigment color depth and hue in the fish's black white and red scales. Don't…
    …some sunlight which helps bring out koi colors keep the water a comfortable temperature and help your plants grow. If you think your fish are already showing signs of heat stress check your water temperature with a pond thermometer and do a partial water change if the water temperatures reach the…
  • Atlantic InfiColor Color Changing LED Light Kits

    …* Use in or out of Water * Control Color Changing Lights With Your Smartphone * Great For Koi Ponds Waterfalls & Landscaping Create a beautiful light display for your watergarden with Atlantic Color Changing LED Lights. Customize from an infinite number of color options and mix and match between…
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    $231.98 - 1328.90
  • …for bright colors crisp edges and interesting patterns. The koi's color vibrancy and pattern edges will change over time (dramatically in the case of the Kumonryu!) but its variety will stay the same; a Kohaku for instance won't change into a Showa. Nutrients in your koi's food can affect its color
    …common infections like fin rot and mouth rot and dropsy. * Fin/Mouth Rot: Look for color fading and ragged or decaying tissue around the mouth or fins. The first step is to test the water and do partial water change because this is only seen when water conditions are poor. Next treat with WipeOut or…
  • Green Maiden - Hardy Water Lotus


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    …feature a creamy yellow center with white streaks towards the tips. The blossoms open a soft pink and change to a pale yellow by the third day. Ideal for small to large water gardens and koi ponds. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants Snails & Tadpoles are excluded from…
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  • …for the water to mix with the solution on the test strip and read the results. To see what your water's carbonate hardness is match the color on the strip to the color block on the package. Remember to perform this test each time before you treat your pond with herbicides or algaecides as the levels…
    …They add color excitement and if you are lucky a few fry. Feeding your fish is a great way to interact with them. Koi goldfish comets and most other pond fish are omnivores meaning they will eat plant and protein food sources. Because they are cold-blooded environmental triggers can change their…

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