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Large Flat Cover

  • CrystalClear TrueRock Large Flat Covers 42L x 36W x 5H-Inch


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    …go and knock on these rocks you'd never know they weren't the real thing! The CrystalClear TrueRock Boulder Covers (formerly known as Airmax TrueRock) are by far the most realistic rock covers on the market. Perfect for protecting aeration units or hiding unsightly yard blemishes. Durable fiberglass…
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  • Aquascape AquaBasin 45

    …also be used to create a small waterfall. Corner Access Panel A pump access panel with integrated handle makes it easy to remove the cover for pump access. The large size of the corner access is compatible with larger pumps and is the area is elevated to prevent gravel from falling into the basin…
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  • …sure to remove netting if there is a threat of ice and snow. Low Profile Netting If you are worried about pond cover netting blocking your view of the surrounding landscaping use a flat piece of netting. Sections of netting can be staked down at the edges of the pond or just secured with rocks and…
    …surface or along the lake's edges as the ice forms you could wind up with bumpy or weak ice. * Step 3: Shovel the entire surface Next using your flat nose shovel push any snow from side to side in the middle of the ice and then from the middle out to the ends. * Step 4: Strategically pile up the…