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Large Pond Filtration

  • The Pond Guy RapidFlo Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (5 Reviews)

    …or Filter Size * Provides Heavy Waterfall Flow RapidFlo EcoSystem Garden Pond Kit is designed with large waterfalls and the sound of water in mind. The two-part filtration system makes them very versatile when a larger pond ecosystem and heavy water flow are desired. The first part of the system…
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    $1069.99 - 2899.99
  • Pink Grapefruit Hardy Water Lily


    (1 Reviews)

    …Natural Filtration The Pink Grapefruit Water Lily has large 6 - 8 peachy-pink blossoms that stand high above the water's surface. Pink Grapefruit is free flowering and the green lily pads have a slight speckling in them. This pink water lily flower is an excellent choice for medium to large ponds.
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  • The Pond Guy AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …biological and UV filtration. The water is then sent to the ClearSpring Mini Filter and Spillway for final polishing and the start of a gentle stream or waterfall. The AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit is right for you if: • You prefer a gentle sound of water and are not planning a large waterfall or…
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    $639.99 - 1159.99
  • …a pond though they are perfect for adding a waterfall to a pond that already has filtration. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing filtration system or starting from scratch in a new pond a properly sized filtration system improves water quality and is a great investment in your pond.
  • Medium to Large Growers Choice Water Lily


    (No Reviews)

    …medium to large water lily. Enjoy magnificent blooms up to 6 wide and plant spread up to 12' from later spring into early fall. Water lilies are one of the most sought after pond plants. Not only do they add color to your landscape they also absorb excess nutrients and shade the pond to reduce algae…
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  • The Pond Guy AllClear G2 Pressurized Filtration System


    (88 Reviews)

    …of Filtration One Powerful Unit * Backflush Feature for Easy Cleaning * Perfect For Existing or New Ponds The totally redesigned AllClear G2 combines quality performance and ease of use. Ensuring no detail was left out this filter was designed in Germany exclusively for The Pond Guy. Filtration
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    $329.99 - 620.98
  • …happy to help. The Pond Guy AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit If you are you looking for a smaller pond waterfall or stream then this system is the right one for you. These kits will build ponds 700-2000 gallons. The AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit is designed with maximum filtration in mind. This kit…
  • The Pond Guy PumpBuddy Pre-Filter


    (27 Reviews)

    * Protects Your Pump From Large Debris * Securely Fits Around Pump * Easy to Install Use & Clean Protect your submersible pumps from large debris with The Pond Guy PumpBuddy Pre-Filter. Constructed with durable 1/8 mesh fabric and 1 filtration media the PumpBuddy filters out solid debris before…
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  • Savio Pond Skimmer Leaf Baskets


    (1 Reviews)

    …For Compact & Standard Models * Keeps Pond Surface Clean * Easy To Replace & Install The leaf baskets are replacements for the Compact and Standard Savio Skimmer models. Leaf baskets feature a rugged design and will help mechanically filter large surface debris. Installation and replacement…
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  • Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers

    …it skims ponds up to 200 sq. ft. The Signature 400 features a standard 6 weir to skim ponds up to 400 sq. ft. and handles pumps up to 4000 gph while the Signature 1000 skims ponds up to 1000 sq. ft. using a large 8 weir and handles pond pumps with flow rates up to 10000 gph. Mechanical Filtration
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    $207.98 - 521.99
  • …circulation when your pond is up and running. Oval or kidney-shaped ponds are most common as they allow for optimum circulation. A waterfall located at one end of a slightly curved pond will gently push the water toward your skimmer or pump for circulation and filtration. Round ponds or those with…
  • The Pond Guy AquaStream Filter Sock


    (5 Reviews)

    …Your Motor From Large Debris * Securely Fits Around AquaStream 1/2hp Motor * Easy To Install Use & Clean Protect your AquaStream 1/2hp Fountain from large debris with the AquaStream Filter Sock. Constructed with durable 1/8 mesh fabric and 1 filtration media the AquaStream's pond fountain filter…
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