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Large Pond Muck

  • Airmax EcoBoost


    (50 Reviews)

    …water in any pond. EcoBoost is fortified with over 80 trace minerals that not only helps natural bacteria work faster and longer but helps fish populations grow. EcoBoost is ideal for ponds that receive large amounts of nutrient run-off from lawn fertilizers storm drains or has a muck problem.…
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    $99.99 - 224.99
  • …is that muck and sludge accumulation is reversible. Pond and lake muck removal is possible with a one-two punch of beneficial bacteria and aeration. Beneficial Bacteria Billions of beneficial bacteria already live in your pond and work hard to break down pond sludge but if you have large amounts of…
  • API Pond Simply Clear


    (2 Reviews)

    …API Pond Simply Clear is a powerful dual-action solution to clear cloudy pond water fast! It works by clumping tiny floating pond debris and phosphates into large clusters. The natural bacteria inside Simply Clear consume sludge quickly and breaks down dead algae muck and fish waste. This pond water…
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    $14.29 - 92.99
  • muck remains at the bottom of the pond. Remember that it will take some time to break down all that debris so be patient.* Let Your Fish Do the Work: If you've been wondering what eats leeches here's your answer. With nowhere to hide leeches become tasty meals for your fish. Most any fish large
  • Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers


    (5 Reviews)

    …Great for Ponds Beneath Trees* Removes Unwanted Surface Debris Preventing Muck* Pre-Filters Water & Protects Waterfall Pump The Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers are ideal for ponds that are placed beneath trees or get a lot of floating debris. When placed alongside the pond's edge this pond
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    $343.98 - 692.99
  • Jenlis Weed Raker Pond & Lake Rake


    (51 Reviews)

    …Pull In From As Far As 45 Feet Away The Jenlis Weed Raker is pond weed rake that removes vegetation and organic matter from your pond. Large 8 tines allow for maximum removal with every toss. It is efficient at removing submerged lake & pond weeds pulling out the roots of aquatic weeds slowing their…
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  • …stink! Pond Life Cycle Understanding a pond's life cycle will help to better understand when and how muck plays its part. From small ponds to large lakes all water bodies encompass an ever changing ecosystem struggling to find balance. To help you better understand the life cycle of your pond we'll…
  • Aquascape Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/Tsurumi 3PL Pump

    …that may shed their leaves in the pond can greatly reduce tea-colored water or bottom sludge with the help of a water skimmer. Aquascape Signature Series 1000 Pond Skimmer continuously filters leaves floating pond debris and smaller sediment out of the water. The large volume rigid debris basket and…
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  • …to remove algae from your pond and keep it clean and clear for up to six months so which one you choose largely comes down to personal preference. * Beneficial Bacteria: Excess nutrients mixed with sunlight are usually the cause of algae blooms. Nature's Defense and Muck Defense contain beneficial…
    …aquariums. Welcome Residents Crayfish can make a fun addition to your pond. They nibble on aquatic plants so they help control weed growth. They eat decaying material so they - along with Airmax MuckAway - will help keep pond muck to a minimum. They'll entertain your kids (and their friends) for…
    …as fish structures in ponds. Make sure to keep the plants under control as they can spread quickly and take over a pond. Use plant bags or baskets to specify boundaries. As the seasons change plants will die decompose and add to the muck layer at the bottom of the pond. Ensure that you prune or…
    …from happening in the future by aerating your pond year-round with an aeration system. Here's how it works: * It reduces the amount of decomposing debris in the pond encouraging the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria which prevents muck and nutrient accumulation and maintains clear water.…
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