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    …Do Leeches Eat? Leeches attach to and feed on blood from a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate animals ranging from worms snails and insect larvae to larger targets like fish waterfowl and humans.Where Do Leeches Come From? While it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how leeches end up in…
  • Summit Mosquito Bits & Dunks


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    …control product. The only mosquito control product with BTI a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae that lasts 30 days and treats 100 square feet of surface water. Mosquito Bits kill mosquito larvae quickly in areas they are sprinkled. After using Mosquito Bits follow-up with Mosquito Dunks or…
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    $11.99 - 129.99
  • …to kill mosquito larvae and adults through effective mosquito pond treatment.Multiplying Mosquito Larvae in Ponds Mosquitoes begin life as tiny eggs on the surface of fresh stagnant water. One or two days after being laid they hatch into larvae a.k.a. wigglers. The half-inch larvae live on the water…
  • Pond King Honey Hole Shrubs


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    …Fish * Designed for Shallow Water The Honey Hole Shrub Fish Attractor boosts baitfish production and survival of juvenile fish. Plankton and insect larvae quickly cling to the limbs to provide an abundant food source. Made out of a poly dome with 84 polyethylene limbs at 26 each the Honey Hole Shrub…
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    $169.00 - 1599.99
  • …you make it an unwelcome spot for mosquitoes looking to settle down and start a family. Keep Water Moving Mosquitoes it seems prefer to lay their larva in stagnant water. As it turns out ponds are much healthier and more attractive when they're well aerated. The benefits of aeration are twofold.…
    They're weird looking they're tiny and they're blood-red - or at least a creamy pink color. What are they? They're non-biting midge fly larvae also known as bloodworms. Though they're an unsettling infestation to see in your filter they're actually a sign that your pond is happy and healthy. What's…
    …gravitate toward weedy areas and prefer stream or river environments rather than lakes. They'll gobble just about anything - including fish insects larvae and vegetation. Predators include trout and northern pike. White Suckerfish White suckerfish (Catostomus commersonii) are found in small streams…
    …Fish can be seen flashing or rubbing against objects and can have a sunken appearance. * Anchor Worm: These white string-like worms and their larvae can be introduced to your pond when adding new fish or aquatic plants. Once the worms have attached to the body of the fish red sores or inflammation…
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