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Leaf Removal

  • Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers


    (5 Reviews)

    …drawing in leaves and other floating debris into its weir where it gets trapped in a debris net or rigid leaf basket. A pond skimmer is an integral component of a balanced ecosystem. By removing the debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond. Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers can reduce…
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    $295.98 - 674.99
  • Savio Pond Skimmer Leaf Baskets


    (1 Reviews)

    …The leaf baskets are replacements for the Compact and Standard Savio Skimmer models. Leaf baskets feature a rugged design and will help mechanically filter large surface debris. Installation and replacement takes just minutes. Simply remove the lid of your Savio Skimmer and pull your existing leaf
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    $74.99 - 79.99
  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 6' x 8'

    …Pump • Features 6 Weir Door Removeable Leaf & Debris Net The Aquascape Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer is equipped with an adjustable 6W weir door for ideal water flow. As the water funnels into the skimmer surface debris is collected into a removable leaf and debris net before it sinks…
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  • Savio Standard Skimmerfilter


    (3 Reviews)

    …types of filtration to become the hardest working skimmer in the pond industry. The rigid removable leaf basket simplifies skimmer clean out and protects your pump from harmful solid debris. The easy to remove filter media tray provides additional surface area; boosting biological filtration and…
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  • TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer Replacement Filter Pad

    …In-Pond Skimmer and below the leaf basket for signs of wear. If it looks saturated torn or has frayed edges it is time replace it with this 8.6W x 1.3H round polyester filter pad. The filter pad acts as a pre-filter for your pump to run at its peak performance by removing and suspended matter from…
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  • …the plant to absorb nutrients from the pond's water but never touches the bottom while rooted floating plants often have showy flowers and large leafed foliage that sits on top of the water. * Emergent: Rooted plants like cattails grow along the shoreline and stand above the surface or in shallow…
    …brown or variations in between. Your jar is telling you to treat for algae. Tea-Colored Water Discolored or tea-colored water means you have some leaf tea brewing in your pond. As organic debris decomposes in your pond the tannins and other byproducts mix into the water column discoloring it. Your…
  • Aquascape Medium Deluxe 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/ AquaSurge Pro Pump

    …• Houses and Protects Submersible Pond Pump • Mechanical Filters Improves Water Quality Skimmers have always been an effective way to remove unwanted leaves and debris but the Aquascape Signature Series 1000 Pond Skimmer has a few innovative features that set it apart. The curved shape…
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  • …the netting often - a leaf blower makes quick work of that. If debris is left to accumulate the netting could become weighted down and collapse into the pond. Not only will the leaves and debris end up in the pond but your plants and fish may also die. Make sure to remove netting if there is a…
    …the preferred choice because the granules will sink over the algae bed and make maximum contact with it. Once the algae has died and turned brown remove as much of the debris as possible with the Razer Rake. This will prevent the decaying matter from becoming muck and fertilizer for future algae…
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