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Ledpro Mini

  • The Pond Guy LEDPro Mini 1-Watt 3 Pack


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    …with Water LED Lights * Interchangeable Lenses for Five Color Options The Pond Guy LEDPro Mini 1-Watt Submersible Light Kits are great for small features bog areas or a little night fo your fish. Each of the LEDPro Mini 1-Watt Lights shines with the same intensity as a 10 watt halogen bulb but with…
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  • The Pond Guy Colored Lens Set

    The Pond Guy Colored Lens Kit includes 4 replacement colored lenses for The Pond Guy HalogenMini 3-Pack Light Kit and the LEDPro Mini 1-Watt 3-Pack Light Kit . Each set includes one lens in the following colors: blue green red and yellow.
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  • …get started: * Color Options: Most pond lights will come with a standard white light but some will come with color filtered lenses like our LEDPro Mini 1-Watt Light Kit. It is an inexpensive way to highlight an area in your pond or landscape with the options of changing colors using interchangeable…
    …Waterfall boxes are sized based on your maximum flow rate of your pump. If you are looking for some extra filtration consider using the ClearSpring Mini Waterfall Filter. This will provide biological filtration from a pond up to 1000 gallons and work with pumps up to 1800 GPH. Step 2 – Grab…
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