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  • Rosette Water Lettuce Bundle of 3


    (14 Reviews)

    …Filtration Rosette Water Lettuce or Pistia Rosette is a compact variety of water lettuce pistia with a rosette shape. This plant grows up to 6 inches and has velvety ribbed leaves that range in color from light green to blue green. Like other varieties the Rosette Water Lettuce competes with algae…
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  • Water Lettuce Bundle of 3


    (29 Reviews)

    * Free Floating Plant * Great For Shady Ponds * Increases Natural Filtration Water Lettuce or Pistia Stratioes is a unique floater that resembles a floating head of cabbage or lettuce. The foliage of this pond plant is ribbed and velvety and the color ranges from light green to lime-green that float…
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  • Curly Leaf Rosette Water Lettuce Bundle of 3


    (6 Reviews)

    …Filtration Curly Leaf Rosette Water Lettuce will compete with algae for nutrients and provide shade and coverage for fish. The velvety ribbed compact leaves are ruffled with light green to blue green colors growing up to 6 inches. Curly Leaf Rosette Water Lettuce is supported by a large number of…
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  • Jumbo Water Lettuce Bundle of 3


    (2 Reviews)

    * Shades & Protects Fish * Grows up to 12 * Increases Natural Filtration Jumbo Water Lettuce floating plants are much larger than the regular water lettuce. This pale green plant is a fast grower reaching up to 12 in diameter to provide both protection and shade for fish. Making it a great…
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  • …working hard eating algae and keeping your pond clean. If you really need to see them you can try placing a lettuce leaf in the pond. Within a few hours your snails should gather around the lettuce. Word of Caution As invertebrates snails can be killed by most algaecides. Please be sure to read any…
    …Cover Net; or reflective tape hanging from trees. Having 40-60% surface coverage of aquatic plants such as water lilies water hyacinth or water lettuce will give your fish a place to shelter themselves from predators. Under the Weather Stressed or sick fish will also hide. If they're not feeling…
    …area that's safe from natural predators like tadpoles frogs and other koi. Make sure you give them plenty of coverage with water hyacinth water lettuce and other floating pond plants. You might also consider using a fine mesh tent like the Nycon Fish Spawning Incubator to protect them and prevent…
    …anything with the exception of meat. Though they love their pelleted diet like The Pond Guy Growth & Vibrance Fish Food koi will happily gobble down lettuce apples oranges watermelon and even tiny shrimp. So why not treat your scaly pals to some healthy fruits and veggies now and then! * Feast and…
    …suffer from a sunburn. Since they don't make a sunscreen for fish use plants with their vegetation at the pond's surface such as lilies or water lettuce to give your fish the relief they need on a sunny summer day. * Can't Touch This: Herons and other predators use their sight to hunt. Plants…
    …go dormant until spring. For bog plants bring them back up as soon as the ice permanently thaws so they can keep growing. * Floating Plants: Water Lettuce and other floating plants are most susceptible to frost. It is best to treat them as annuals and discard them after the first frost. Luckily they…
    …at the same time and place each day. This will get them accustomed to your visits and soon they will be greeting you the pond's edge ready to grab a tasty morsel. Feel free to sneak in some treats too like fresh watermelon or lettuce. It will round out their diet and help to build your relationship.

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