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Live Koi

  • Live Koi Packages - Silver


    (1 Reviews)

    * High-Quality Koi Delivered to Your Door * Includes 8 Choice Standard & Long Fin Koi * Free Air Delivery Ensures Koi Safety Add and excitement to your pond with high-quality koi delivered directly to your door! 5 Choice Standard Fin and 3 Choice Long Fin Butterfly Koi are hand-selected by top…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Gold


    (1 Reviews)

    * Healthy Live Koi Delivered to Your Door * Mix Variety of Sanke Showa & Asagi Koi * Free Air Delivery to Ensure Koi Safety The Gold Koi Package is ideal for ponds no less than 2000 gallons. Perfect for pond owners looking for a variety mix of Sanke Showa Asagi and other Koi that will complement…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Platinum

    * Premium Koi Variety Package * Includes (4) 10−12 Koi Fish * Free Air Delivery Ensures Koi Safety Platinum Koi Packages includes 2 Choice Long Fin/Butterfly Koi and 2 Elite Standard Fin Koi that are between 10-12 inches long. Each koi is hand-picked quarantined and treated so you will receive…
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  • 4-6-Inch Choice Grade Koi Packages


    (7 Reviews)

    …the guesswork out of building a koi collection and handpick koi that are pleasing to the eye. Each package is unique and is quarantined prior to packing before they are air delivered to your home. Bulk packages are available in 8-pack 12-pack or 16-pack. All live koi packages are intended for ponds…
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    $189.99 - 299.99
  • 6-8-Inch Choice Grade Koi Packages


    (5 Reviews)

    …a new colorful koi collection to your pond with 6-8 Choice Grade Koi Packages. Each package contains a nice unique mix of healthy koi that complement each other. Each koi is examined and quarantined prior to shipment to ensure they arrive at your home safely. All live Koi packages are intended…
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    $229.99 - 619.99
  • 8-10-Inch Choice Grade Koi Packages


    (4 Reviews)

    …want high-quality healthy koi at an affordable price. Choice Grade Koi come from Japanese parents with the best bloodlines and are hand-selected for body conformation color health skin quality and pattern. Bulk packages are available in 6-pack 10-pack or 14-pack. All live Koi packages are intended…
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    $299.99 - 599.99
  • …you heard of Hanako? He's the fabled koi who lived for 226 years after being supposedly passed down through the generations and was aged by counting rings on his scales. To set the record straight Hanako has been proven to be an urban myth. Koi typically live 25 to 35 years in a well-maintained fish…
  • Green Maiden - Hardy Water Lotus


    (No Reviews)

    …the tips. The blossoms open a soft pink and change to a pale yellow by the third day. Ideal for small to large water gardens and koi ponds. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants Snails & Tadpoles are excluded from free shipping offers and will ship separately from all other…
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  • …area. Because your fish won't be as active they won't need a huge pond to live in so you can get away with smaller quarters. Choose a tank that's sized appropriately for the number and size of your fish. If you have large koi or a large number of smaller fish a small preformed pond liner would work…
    …in your koi's food can affect its color display so be sure to feed them some Growth & Vibrance Fish Food after transitioning them from their wheatgerm-based Spring & Fall Fish Food. It contains spirulina and stabilized vitamin C for show-stopping color. *} Goldfish Koi may be the living jewels of…
    …includes more than 10000 different species worldwide. Some varieties appear bright red in color thanks to a hemoglobin-type substance that helps them live with oxygen-depleted water giving them their bloodworm nickname. As adults midge flies resemble mosquitoes but they have fluffy antennae and no…
    …article we will discuss the nitrogen cycle and why it is important to all aquatic life in a pond. Nitrogen Cycle 101 The nitrogen cycle in a Koi pond is responsible for biological filtration to keep the water at safe levels to support aquatic life including fish and plants. Without an established…

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