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Live Pond Plants

  • Algae Eating Black Japanese Trapdoor Pond Snails


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    …farm ponds will need to have at least 200 pond snails to have any positive effect at all. Please Note: There is a 20 snail minimum. 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. -->Aquatic Plants Snails & Tadpoles are excluded from free shipping offers and will ship separately from all other items. All Plants Snails…
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  • Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover


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    …Your pond water will gradually become safe and crystal clear as the Phos-X removes toxins creating the ideal living environment for fish and plants. The packs are easy to use and reduces hands-on pond maintenance. Simply place one of more packs into the pond filter. Laguna Phos-X pond phosphate…
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  • …and you shut down your pond you will want to give your plants some final attention. If you live in a frost-free zone congratulations all you need to do is follow your summer routine. But for those who get a bit frosty below are a few pointers to help you prepare your plants for the winter ahead.…
    …these ponds discourage the presence of species like goldfish. Another distinguishing factor is the design of the pond itself. While a koi pond may also include plants for filtration or aesthetic appeal the design of this type of pond is all about the koi. These ponds do not contain plant shelves…
    plants use 2½ cups of salt per 100 gallons of water and disperse the pond salt evenly around the shoreline. Salt will not evaporate or get filtered out so the only time you need to add more salt is when you do water changes. Mind the Plants If you have lilies and other aquatic plants living
    …animals feeding on their blood. Of the 700 different leech species the majority live in freshwater environments like your swimming pond. Leeches love to live in the debris at the bottom of your pond. In all that muck accumulation they get comfortable find food and hide from predators—also…
    …area. Step 11: Add Plants & Fill Pond Place bog plants on the shallow plant shelf and lilies in the bottom of the pond. Don't worry if they aren't covering the pond's surface yet they'll grow quickly. As the pond is filling with water backfill around the skimmer and pond for additional support.…
    …actually a sign that your pond is happy and healthy.What's In a Name Midge flies hail from the family Chironomidae which includes more than 10000 different species worldwide. Some varieties appear bright red in color thanks to a hemoglobin-type substance that helps them live with oxygen-depleted…
  • Aquascape® DIY Backyard Pond Kit 4' x 6'

    …Your Space with Small Outdoor Pond Kits * Start Living the Water Garden Lifestyle * 4'L x 6'W x 2'D Fish Pond with Waterfall Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit all-in-one kit takes the guesswork out of purchasing individual components to build your a 4'L x 6'W x 2'D pond. It has everything you need to…
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  • …elevated pond that cascades down into a pondless waterfall. Think of this as a pondless waterfall with a pond in the middle. Combining allows you to enjoy fish and plants while keeping the water out of reach from small children. Start with a pond kit then add the extra Pond Liner Pond Underlayment…
  • API® AlgaeFix®


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    …in ponds that contain live plants and fish. API® AlgaeFix® for ponds will kill existing algae blooms keeping ornamental ponds and water gardens clean & clear. Once pond algae growth is under control weekly doses of API® AlgaeFix® will control algae growth and reduce pond
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  • live in your pond - as long as you provide the living conditions they need to thrive. Here's what you need to know about growing a healthy crayfish population.Home Sweet Home Also known as crawdads and crawfish North American crayfish belong to the family Cambaridae. More than 300 species live in…