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Live Pond Snails

    …10 snails per 50 square feet of pond. For a farm pond or larger feature you will need at least 200 snails to have any effect at all. These snails naturally reproduce a few times throughout the year. They have 3-5 live young per birthing and will boost your population without overpopulating the pond
    live in freshwater environments like ponds and lakes. They settle in the murky mud and debris at the bottom of the water to find food and hide from predators.What Do Leeches Eat? Leeches attach to and feed on blood from a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate animals ranging from worms snails and…
    …of the pond. To rid your pond of muskrats there are a couple of different techniques. * Disrupt Their Diet: A muskrat eats aquatic vegetation like cattails sedges rushes water lilies and pond weeds. In some areas it may also eat clams mussels snails crayfish small fish and frogs. Keeping your pond
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