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  • Airmax WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide


    (74 Reviews)

    …lakes with minimal water outflow that battle persistent pond weeds year after year. WipeOut weed killer has no temperature swimming boating or livestock restrictions and can be applied early in the season at the first sign of weed growth. This systemic fluridone herbicide controls targeted pond…
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    $89.99 - 1599.99
  • …water-soluble packets that you simply toss into your pond or lake every two weeks. It's even safe to use in ponds and lakes that water horses livestock pets birds and other wildlife as well as those that contain game fish. Sunken Debris MuckAway cleans the water from the bottom up. It focuses on…
  • IVy Bag UTV 100 Gallon Bladder

    …• Ideal for livestock and landscape watering. • Chemical storage & RV waste tank. • Includes: (4) Heavy duty D-rings to secure the bag during transportation. Fluid & Chemical Storage for • Water Transportation • RV Waste Tank • Livestock Watering • Chemical…
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  • The Pond Guy PondShade Pond Dye Gallon


    (100 Reviews)

    …your pond. Provide a deep blue color with PondShade True Blue or create a sparkling aqua blue color with PondShade Caribbean Blue. One gallon of pond water dye treats 1 acre 4-6' deep. No mixing is required. Safe for recreational ponds horses livestock birds pets fish wildlife and the environment.
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    $29.99 - 39.99
  • …multiple treatments are required. Next consider how the pond is used and where it is located as some chemical treatments will have irrigation livestock swimming or state restrictions. Another thing to consider outflow: if the pond has a natural outflow and won't hold a pond dye for very long chances…
    …recommendations on which products to use: * What state is the pond located in? * Do you use the pond for irrigation? If so what type? * Do you have livestock that use the pond as their main source of water? * What type of fish do you have in your pond? * How big is your pond and what is the average…
    …covered with at least 12 of soft sand or soil. * RPE is more durable due to its reinforcing and is recommended for areas with water activities livestock or wildlife ponds irrigation reservoirs and golf course ponds. RPE is more resistant to sunlight but we suggest covering it with one foot of soft…
  • Airmax Stock Tank Defense


    (15 Reviews)

    …Horses Livestock & Wildlife Airmax Stock Tank Defense contains all natural beneficial bacteria specially formulated for stock tanks. This all natural product will keep stock tanks clean and clear. Easy-to-apply no-mess Stock Tank Defense tablets are completely safe for horses livestock birds…
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    $9.99 - 29.99
  • …Pond Visitors If you use unapproved chemicals in your pond or lake you could be doing harm to not only the ecosystem but also to your fish your livestock and wildlife your soil and most importantly to yourself your family and your neighbors. Herbicides that have been approved by the EPA include…
    …other activities. While it's not recommended for ponds that provide drinking water for humans it's safe for swimming as well as watering horses livestock birds pets fish and wildlife. Next Steps Now that you know more about the benefits color options and application process of using pond dye it's…
    …structure. * Take one photo of the sample in your hand or spread out on a white sheet of paper. * Include your state (not all chemicals are approved in every state) how the pond is used (i.e. recreation irrigation livestock) if the pond has an outflow and the approximate size of the treatment area.
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