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  • RAVE Sports Aqua Log

    …Aqua Log is made from durable commercial-grade reinforced PVC that is UV-treated and mold/mildew resistant for long-lasting performance. Color options include: Yellow/Blue or Northwoods Green/Tan. The Small 10' Log connects to the: Aqua Jump 120 or Bongo Bouncer 10 and 13. The Large 17' Log connects…
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    $419.99 - 589.99
  • Aquascape Faux Log Fish Cave


    (19 Reviews)

    …predators. Aquascape Faux Log Fish Cave has a natural-looking faux wood design provides shelter to koi and pondfish and a safe retreat. Blends in well with any indoor or outdoor setting. Ideal for small to medium ponds. Constructed out of heavy-duty poly-resin the Faux Log Fish Cave can also be used…
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  • …terrestrial frogs. They will normally hibernate on land where they'll burrow deep into the soil beneath the frost line crawl into cracks and crevices in logs or rocks or dig down as far as they can in leaf litter. If you maintain your pond regularly and have it well-prepped for fall and winter your…
    …Ensure that you prune or manually remove dead plant material to keep up the fish habitat in your pond. Trees & Logs Logs and even whole trees can be used as a fish habitat for ponds. Logs and trees should be weighted so they will sink into the water. Just keep in mind that if you are using organic…
    …and introduce them to your pond or lake after acclimating them. Be sure to provide a fish habitat for them like one of the Honey Hole Attractor Logs Shrubs or Trees so they can safely reproduce (and fatten up!) and keep the population thriving. In addition grow bait fish in a separate tub or tank…
  • Aquascape Small Pondless Waterfall Kit 6' Stream w/ AquaSurge Pro 2000-4000 Pump

    …internal barriers to diffuse water for a smooth flowing waterfall cascade. Backed by a lifetime warranty the durable design allows heavy boulders and logs to be set directly on top making it easy to camouflage into the surrounding landscape. PONDLESS WATERFALL VAULT • Extra Wide Interior Lid…
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