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Male Reducer

  • PVC Reducing Male Adapter (MPT x Slip)

    Spears Sch 40 PVC Reducing Male Adapter has a male iron pipe thread (MPT or MIPT) x slip (socket or soc.) connection. PVC fittings are available in sizes: 1-1/2-inch MPT x 2-inch Slip and 3-inch MPT x 4-inch Slip.
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    $6.99 - 19.99
  • Kink Free Plumbing Connector Kit For Triton Ionizers

    The Plumbing Connector Kit includes all of the fitting connectors necessary to connect existing 1 or 1-1/2 Kink Free Tubing to the 2 PVC Atlantic Triton Ionizers. Includes: reducer bushing (slip x fpt) insert male adapter pvc slip coupler and hose clamps (Tubing and Ionizer are sold separately).
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    $14.99 - 28.93
  • …equipment or creating a quick disconnect in your tubing. * Reducers: These fittings will allow you to change between sizes of tubing or fittings. For example if you are connecting a 2 PVC tubing to a 1 male thread you will want to use the Reducer Bushing (Slip x FPT) in the 2 – 1 size. You…
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    …so you don't drain your pond too low. Attach a leak-proof bulkhead to the hole which provides a female thread on both sides of the seal. Connect a male adapter that will allow you to seamlessly connect whatever length of heavy-duty kink-free tubing you need to run from your pond to a drainage ditch…
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