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Medium Density Filter Pad

  • Atlantic Replacement Filter Mats


    (1 Reviews)

    Atlantic Replacement Filter Mats can be used with Atlantic Pro Skimmers or Atlantic FilterFalls. The single biotech medium density filter pad offers both biological and mechanical filtration while allowing for the free flow of water to prevent clogging. Additionally the filter offers a semi-rigid…
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    $16.99 - 44.99
  • Matala Filter Media Pads


    (88 Reviews)

    …Mix & Match Filter Pads Buy 3+ for $34.99 each! Matala Filter Media Pads are lightweight durable and easy-to-cut. Each single Matala Filter Media is available in four densities: low (black) medium (green) high (blue) and super high (grey). Low and medium density Matala pond filter pads maximize…
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  • Aquascape Medium Scalloped Urn Landscape Fountain Kit

    * Medium Fountain with Unique Scalloped Design * Kit is Ready to Install Includes Pump & Basin * Urn Will Never Chip or Fade Look of Real Ceramic The Aquascape Medium Scalloped Urn Landscape Fountain Kit is an easy way to transform any location into a relaxing environment. This complete kit…
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  • …you filter through the choices: Filter Pads: Filter pads come in different densities. Selecting the density will depend on where the pads are located. Low and medium density filter pads are perfect for mechanical filtration and should be placed in your skimmer box. High and super high-density pads
  • Aquascape Medium Stacked Slate Sphere Landscape Fountain Kit

    …a regularly used window to provide views and enjoyment from both inside and outside of your home. Each kit includes a Medium Stacked Slate Sphere basin pump and tubing. Medium Stacked Slate Sphere • Sphere Shape is Ideal for Small Spaces • Lightweight Fiber-Resin Composite Material •…
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  • …and are equipped with a large debris net and Medium Density Matala Filter Media Pad. For best results when using a skimmer place it across from your waterfall or discharge so your pond can circulate properly. * Waterfall Filter Boxes: Waterfall filters are a wonder-fall way to incorporate filtration…
  • Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers


    (5 Reviews)

    …stainless-steel frame making it easy to remove and empty. Signature 400 and 1000 filters feature a rigid debris basket with a handle in front for quick and easy maintenance and a high-quality medium density rigid filter mat to remove smaller sediment and debris. As an added bonus the Signature 400…
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    $295.98 - 674.99
  • …maintenance.Step 13: Add Biological Media Add filter media to your skimmer and waterfall box when building your pond. Use low or medium density pads in the skimmers and high or super high density for the waterfall box. The Matala Filter Media Pads are a great option since they are long lasting…
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