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Mini Cascade

  • Mini Mountain Spring Fountain Kit

    …Basin Pump Pebbles This attractive Mini Mountain Spring Fountain Kit comes with everything included making it an easy way to add the relaxing sounds of water to your garden. The perfect complement for smaller garden spaces this fountain brings the sounds of cascading water on a smaller scale. Kit…
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    $439.99 - 999.99
  • Blue Thumb Cascade Waterfall Boxes


    (6 Reviews)

    …waterfall or meandering stream. Unlike waterfall filters this box is designed to only provide a pooling area for water; this is not a biological filter. The Cascading Waterfall Box has a built in landscaping lid to camouflage with rocks or plants. For a natural look add a TrueRock Mini Cover.
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    $71.99 - 119.99
  • Cascade Mini-Mountain Spring Triple Fountain Kit


    (No Reviews)

    …Triple Fountain Kit for Fast Installation * Durable Faux Rocks Designed for Large Spaces * Molded from Real Rock for Natural Beauty Blue Thumb Cascade Mini-Mountain Spring Triple Fountain Kit includes everything you need for a fast installation to transform the look of your landscape setting.…
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  • …When selecting a system make sure you know what your maximum depth is and if in doubt double-check before buying. 3. Shape – Waterfalls cascading into multiple ponds or irregularly shaped water gardens can add beauty to your backyard landscape but it can also limit the circulation of…
    …in the waterfall area. When you build a backyard waterfall it's important to remember that unlike a natural waterfall every drop of water that cascades down the face of your mini-Niagara are delivered by a pump. In order to make that limited supply of pumped water - and your waterfall - look as…
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