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  • Propeller Aquatic Herbicide − Flumioxazin


    (39 Reviews)

    * Eliminate Duckweed Watermeal Algae and so much more * Dissipates Quickly and does not accumulate in sediment * Effective in Slow Moving or Quiescent Waters Propeller Aquatic Herbicide provides fast control of tough invasive plants such as duckweed watermeal fanwort hydrilla and more. Propeller is…
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    $99.99 - 109.98
  • Earthway Granular Hand Spreader


    (13 Reviews)

    …corrosive resistant and easily handles granular herbicides and algaecide. The large material hopper holds ample but manageable loads of granular product. The Earthway Granular Hand Spreader has a smooth action crank handle and the application adjuster lets you control how much product is released.
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  • Atlantic Skimmer Auto Fill Valve


    (7 Reviews)

    …fountain basins. This kit will prevent utilities such as pumps from drying up due to lack of water or even prevent your pond from overflowing with too much water. Installation is easy and all the necessary hardware is included to connect the valve to a standard garden hose 1/2 irrigation line or 1/2…
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  • Aquascape Color-Changing Lighting Remote

    …controls including on/off color selection using the color wheel increase or decrease the brightness of lights engage the strobe setting and much more! The quick and easy setup provides a variety of lighting control right at your fingertips. Setup is quick and easy simply insert 2 AAA batteries…
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  • …we recommend crushing pellets into tiny pieces to make them more manageable.How Much to Feed Pond Fish The size of your pond number of fish and whether or not you use a pond aerator are all factors that affect how much your fish need to be fed. Aeration in the pond will allow your fish to be more…
    …harsh chemicals that could hurt your fish.Ideal Salt Level in Koi Ponds As we mentioned above it's important to know how much salt in a pond is enough and how much is too much. If you're adding salt to your pond and have no aquatic plants use 2½ cups of salt per 100 gallons of water and…
  • The Pond Guy UltraUV & SolidFlo Combo


    (4 Reviews)

    …on pond size. This ensures proper water flow rates to channel discolored water around ultraviolet rays for maximum exposure without creating too much pressure. Resulting in crystal clear pond water all season without having to rely on chemical treatments. UltraUV Pond Clarifier • Vortex Design:…
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    $224.98 - 440.98
  • …designing your backyard haven. Before you bust out the heavy equipment take a moment to ponder these questions. * What is your budget? Consider how much you would like to spend. In most cases the larger the feature the more expensive the cost. Once you have an idea of your budget check out our pond…
    …binary fission to keep the population going. Since they are so handy you might be tempted to add a few extra to really make your pond shine. While too much beneficial bacteria is not necessarily bad it will likely make your pocketbook a little lighter. Food Fight Invite too many to your dinner party…
    …in the pond and making it difficult to see changes in your water level. Pumps need a constant supply of water so if your water level drops too much and damages your pump you will have to replace it. * Overstrained Pump: On the topic of replacing pumps double-check your manual on recommendations…
    …to settle down and start a family. Keep Water Moving Mosquitoes it seems prefer to lay their larva in stagnant water. As it turns out ponds are much healthier and more attractive when they're well aerated. The benefits of aeration are twofold. First aeration helps gases produced by the breakdown…
    …algae in a fish pond it will eventually die off. Beneficial bacteria cultivate on surfaces such as your filter pads. Cleaning your filter pads too much – meaning daily or weekly – can wash away your beneficial bacteria. Instead lightly rinse the pads if the water is unable to pass…
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