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Muck In A Small Pond

    …are also kept as colorful pets in aquariums. Welcome Residents Crayfish can make a fun addition to your pond. They nibble on aquatic plants so they help control weed growth. They eat decaying material so they - along with Airmax MuckAway - will help keep pond muck to a minimum. They'll entertain…
    Muck can also be a breeding ground for leeches as they love to grow and burrow in the muck. Why is Muck Stinky? Muck tends to have a rotten egg smell to it. Those odors are common in ponds that are not aerated particularly during certain times of the year. In the summer and winter non-aerated ponds
  • The Pond Guy Heavy-Duty Pond Net Combo


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    …& 1 Pole Remove sludge debris and catch fish fast with The Pond Guy Heavy-Duty Pond Net Combo. A must have for ponds big or small! The sturdy aluminum handle with soft neoprene grips on this professional quality net extends 9'8 in length. The quick-change design makes switching between nets fast…
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  • …Aeration System or fountain (in pond's less than 6' deep) is key to a healthy pond or lake. Proper aeration improves water quality breaks down organic debris (muck) and improves the overall ecosystem in your pond. Aeration works by circulating the entire pond's water column from top to bottom.…
    …the water in your pond. If the container carrying your fish floats go ahead and place it in your pond. The water inside will start balancing with the outside water temperature. This process should take no longer than 20 minutes. * Introduce Pond Water: During this time frame slowly add small amounts…
    …gas in the water resulting in an increased chance of fish kills algae blooms and thick pond muck - not something you want in your pond. We offer aeration options for ponds of all sizes and shapes. Choosing the best aeration system for your pond will depend on three basic factors: your pond's size…
    in combination with Pond Dye. If you use your pond water to irrigate you will need to wait 30 days following treatment. Improve Overall Pond Health: In addition to managing your menace with herbicides you should also reduce muck and aerate the water to keep your overall pond healthy. The products in
    in your pond. Trees & Logs Logs and even whole trees can be used as a fish habitat for ponds. Logs and trees should be weighted so they will sink into the water. Just keep in mind that if you are using organic material for fish habitat in your pond it will decompose and eventually turn into muck.
  • Airmax PondSeries Aerate up to 8 Acres


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    …maintaining a healthy pond. Call today to speak to one of our aeration experts! 866-POND-HELP (866-766-3435) or use the Pond Profile Request Form for a personalized plan. View our Field Study to learn how Airmax pond aeration improved fisheries reduced growth and muck in Fox Lake in a single season.
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  • …washer to remove algae muck and other build-ups. Start from the top of the pond such as a waterfall and work your way down forcing the dirty water toward the pump for removal. The ClearVac Pond Vacuum may be helpful for emptying out the last few inches of water and small debris that the pump cannot…
    in your pond to decompose. This decomposition turns into nutrient-rich pond muck that fuels new weed growth. Tools like the Weed Cutter and Pond & Beach Rake exist to make the process as quick and simple as possible. Set Boundaries Cattails are not all bad. They add some privacy and a small