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Muckaway Tl

  • Airmax® MuckAway™ (formerly Pond Logic®)


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    …a little alarming. Thankfully Airmax MuckAway (formerly known as Pond Logic) makes sure you never have to feel that way again! MuckAway is a natural pond cleaner and muck remover that is cultured from common natural aquatic ecosystems. The addition of MuckAway improves overall water quality aquatic…
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    $89.99 - 349.99
  • Airmax® MuckAway™ TL (formerly Pond Logic®)


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    …Up To 2 of Muck Per Month Airmax MuckAway TL (formerly known as Pond Logic MuckAway TL) eliminates mucky pond bottoms. The highly concentrated special blend of bacteria and enzymes tablets is specifically designed to treat the entire pond or lake bottom. MuckAway TL controlled release tablets work…
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  • …aeration system MuckAway™ can break down up to 2 inches of pond muck per month as a spot treatment. If you want to treat areas 2 acres or larger MuckAway™ TL eliminates 1-2 inches of muck per month with treatments every 4 weeks. Apply MuckAway™ only when water temperatures…
    …pond. MuckAway TL is a more concentrated formula that regular MuckAway so it will work on entire bodies of water. The result of regular use of MuckAway is improved water clarity and reduced odor. With regular use MuckAway can break down up to 5 inches of muck per year and MuckAway TL can eliminate…
    …results: * Disburse Evenly: When using MuckAway normally for spot treatments around the shoreline or beach area the pellets will need to be spread evenly across the treatment area. Plan to use one scoop per 1000 square feet. When using MuckAway™ TL for treatment areas less than two surface…