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  • The Pond Guy Nature's Defense


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    …digesting the dead organics in the pond such as fish waste uneaten food and leaves. Nature's Defense eliminates excess nutrients such as phosphates and nitrogen. Use Nature's Defense to both seed and maintain your biological filters resulting in reduced levels of ammonia and a crystal clear pond.
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  • …is easy once you have a good understanding of the basics. In this article we will discuss the nitrogen cycle and why it is important to all aquatic life in a pond. Nitrogen Cycle 101 The nitrogen cycle in a Koi pond is responsible for biological filtration to keep the water at safe levels to…
  • Microbe-Lift PL Beneficial Bacteria


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    …balance with Microbe-Lift PL. The natural and safe bacteria in Microbe-Lift PL reduces the buildup of organic particles keeping your water clean and clear. In addition to creating a healthy pond environment Microbe-Lift PL helps to reduce ammonia nitrogen levels and improve dissolved oxygen levels.
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  • …Plan Before the Airmax Aeration System was introduced: water samples were taken for phosphorus nitrogen biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) dissolved oxygen and pond water clarity. Phosphorus and nitrogen are contributors to algae growth while dissolved oxygen and BOD help determine the potential for…
  • Power House Surface Aerator Motor Assembly

    …waters while circulating the water to improve water quality and reduce algae growth over time. The Motor Assembly is designed to rid your pond of nitrogen carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide while maximizing aerobic bacteria that can help reduce pond odors. The lightweight motor can be installed by…
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    $639.00 - 1327.50
  • …in the pond. Many potential health issues can be avoided by simply maintaining a clean and healthy pond. See our article on Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle for additional tips if your pond is brand new. Inspect Before You Select It is easy to get attached to that perfect fish right from the start…
    …toxic and bloom rapidly during warm weather when ideal conditions occur. Most often toxic blooms occur due to an oversupply of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and are most common in waterbodies that receive runoff containing fertilizers animal waste and septic or sewage water. What warning…
    …and leaves that cause murky water. Upon entering the water the packet will dissolve and the bacteria will get to work breaking down phosphates nitrogen and other nutrients. Nature's Defense is designed to be used throughout the summer when water temperatures are over 50°F. For best results use…
    …be sure to add some Stress Reducer Plus and Nature's Defense to your water. The Stress Reducer Plus forms a beneficial slime coat on your fish and makes tap water safe for them and Nature's Defense will further reduce ammonia and digest dead organics in the pond such as phosphates and nitrogen.